Did you know that drinking a few cups of tea per day can help you lose weight? People have known for thousands of years that tea is a very healthy beverage. Not only have they consumed it simply because it tastes good, but they have been taking advantage of the various health benefits inherent to tea.

In years past, the ancient eastern drug store was filled with a huge variety of teas for different ailments instead of different pills for different conditions. No matter what you were suffering from or trying to cure, there was a tea that was blended to help you. When it comes to the different weight loss teas on the market today, there are quite a few different possibilities to choose from. White tea, as well as green and oolong teas are frequently referenced for their ability to help you lose weight.

Green tea is going to be the most commonly used form of weight loss tea that you come across. Coincidentally, it is also the most commonly consumed tea when it comes to historical medicinal uses. Its weight loss benefits lie in its ability to help increase your body's metabolism, which causes you to burn more calories than you otherwise would. It even goes a step further and helps your body to keep a more even blood sugar level, as well as a lighter appetite, all of which are useful in helping you to eat less.

Next on the list is oolong tea, which is one of the most popular teas in China. The method of action is pretty much identical to green tea, with the addition of extra caffeine, which stimulates the body even further. It will also aid your body in fat digestion. Just as when it came to green tea, five cups per day of oolong tea is the recommended amount.

White tea is similar to green and oolong tea, but it works somewhat differently. Instead of simply boosting metabolism, white tea interferes with the body's ability to produce fat cells, while at the same time enhancing its fat-burning capabilities. Still, you will want to drink three to five cups per day.

Herbal tea and pu-ehr tea are two additional varieties of teas that people may find in a weight loss tea shop. Pu-ehr tea even has the added benefit of helping to lower cholesterol, according to anecdotal testimony. Many people, however, don't like black tea because it has a very earthy flavor, so it is considered to be a very acquired taste.

Tea can be a valuable tool when it comes to losing weight. Not only that, but the many health benefits of tea make it a great choice for a healthy lifestyle. Aside from losing weight, making the right food choices and maintaining a proper activity level will help you live a long, healthy life.