Why More Water Sheds Pounds Fast

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are right in front of us, just barely out of reach. Weight loss is a titanic battle of will and behavioral alterations for many, but did you know one change can be made with relative ease, and could tip the contest in your favor? Drinking water to lose weight is an excellent habit to add to your health arsenal, and one that will seem insanely obvious in retrospect.

Water and the Metabolism

The body, as many recognize, is nearly 60% water. This element is critical to maintaining natural functions for almost every life form on earth. Today, in the twenty first century, water remains the magical elixir it has been for thousands of years.

Water acts as both a cleanser and an energy source in the human body. Believe it or not, but processing water demands a small amount of calories from the body to carry out correctly. When the average person consumes a tall glass, almost two dozen calories are burned as the water makes its way through their system.

However, this is just a calorie burning bonus. The real power of water and the immune system lays in its lasting effect on the metabolism. Regular water intake can cause a notable spike the average number of calories the body consumes per hour. This is strengthened even more if exercise accompanies drinking the water. By flushing out toxins and waste through sweat and urine, drinking extra water also helps the metabolism run more efficiently by tuning it to a natural balance.

Reducing Hunger Pangs With Zero Calories

Drinking water to lose weight also helps by triggering the body's sense of satiation (fullness and satisfaction). You can get the best results by sipping a large cup of water an hour or so before eating a meal. The water's weight, temperature, and metabolic impact leaves many feeling less hungry than if they just start drinking it with their food.

If you're drinking tap or well water, your local reservoir may contain extra minerals that can take water's metabolic and hunger fighting benefits further still. Since mineral content varies wildly by locale, and some places have tap water that may be questionable for your health, you can enjoy the same healthy additions – guaranteed - by finding a good mineral water.

Remember, drink water sparingly throughout the day to help melt fat away most effectively. Always make sure you aren't drinking too much at any one time, and are taking it in a balanced way with electrolytes.

Drinking water to lose weight only works in concert with a well planned diet and exercise. Still, it's possibly the easiest supplemental action you can take to quickly decrease unwanted fat.