Everyone who writes online almost always come to the same simple dilemma. How do you drive traffic to your articles? Well that is a simple question to answer, yes there are many ways. Using sites like Dig and Stumbleupon will drive traffic to your articles. This however is not the type of traffic you want.

The type of traffic you want being driven to your site is quality traffic. In other words people coming from search engines or links, whom are actually interested in your article. The reason for this is due to the fact that these people who come with quality traffic are more likely to click on an adsense ad or will actually read your article. Getting quality traffic to your internet articles is much easier than one would believe. There are many things that will get your online articles into the search engines driving quality traffic to your online articles.

Using keywords is probably the most important concept to put to use when driving quality traffic to your articles. Keywords are simply words in your article that the search engines find to provide the searcher with relevant search. If you are having difficulty finding good keywords for your article try using the Google AdWords Keywords which you can find here.

Another important part in driving quality traffic to online articles is back links. Back links are important for multiple reasons. The first being that Google and other search engines will crawl and find that your article is linked to a certain number of websites (the more the better). The other reason back links are important to drive quality traffic to your online articles are a little more obvious. Creating back links allows people to visit your article through a link. So, the more back links you have the more clicks you will receive. These clicks are mostly going to be quality traffic since people themselves are personally clicking the link to the online article.

The last easy recommendation to drive quality traffic to online articles is to submit the online article to Google. This is very easy. To do so go here. Adding the online article to google may help a little. However, Google is usually very good at picking up articles, especially if they are on sites such as infobarrel, ehow, and squidoo. These are all huge article databases that Google crawls almost every minute so no need to worry if you are publishing an article there.

Being able to drive quality traffic to online articles is incredibly important to one's success. The more quality traffic an online article receives the more success it will have. Follow these hints and good luck.