Several games can help new drivers become familiar with the subject matter of driver's education. Many new drivers may find that studying for a driver's ed test can be much easier and entertaining with the use of games that teach through play. Driver's ed games help to increase the knowledge and comfort level of information pertaining to both the testing and general information required to drive effectively and safely. Many games also give the driver a chance to practice the mechanics of driving.

Web Games

There are many web games available for free and for purchase that are designed to help students excel at driving tests and exams.The site Quia offers games for each state in the United States, including sign tests and practice driver's tests. The site Driver's Ed offers a virtual driving game as well as useful quizzes. One web game, Learn to Park- as the name suggests- focuses on parking and allowing the player to practice their skills with parallel parking and other tight parking maneuvers. The game grades you on how fast you complete the parking, on what percentage of the vehicle makes it in the parking space and how many crashes you had. The game is not very realistic, but it still gives the driver a chance to encounter the physics of how a vehicle reacts when parking.

Drivers Education '98

Drivers Education '98 is centered on an immersive driving experience and gives drivers a chance to get behind the wheel of a virtual car to practice their knowledge of driving and transportation laws. The game allows users to navigate streets of a virtual city while the game grades them on things such as safety laws and driving precautions. The game offers a unique opportunity to teach children who are not old enough to drive many important foundations of driving and prepare them for taking driving classes. A driving wheel control mechanism is also sold that can add more realism to the gaming experience.

Bus Driver

Bus Driver is a game that consists of driving in different environments and conditions. The game grades your safety and skill levels based on how satisfied your passengers were with the voyage. The game is not so much about learning, but rather entertainment. Nevertheless, this game gives the player an opportunity to practice safety laws and become aware of the different factors of driving. This game is a great opening to the driving expereience for children interesting in driving but not old enough for a permit.