When you drive along the roads, you will likely see big commercial trucks that are delivering goods like foods and appliances to different establishments or a customer's home. Their presence poses great danger because when an accident happens, there is a high possibility that the occupants of smaller vehicles will sustain severe or fatal injuries.

Because a commercial truck accident can result in fatalities, companies which own this kind of vehicle are tasked to impose a strict screening process for people who want to drive it. If they failed to choose a qualified and law-abiding driver, they may also be liable when an accident happens.

Driver negligence is known as one of the primary reasons why truck accidents occur. Here are some of the causes of truck accidents which are connected to a truck driver's negligence:

  • Cell phone use- It increases the risks of an accident because it prevents drivers from focusing on the road. In addition, when a driver is texting or calling someone, he will not be able to use both of his hands when driving, thus increasing the chances that he will lose control of the vehicle. Because cell phone use can cause commercial truck accidents, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has banned drivers from texting while they are behind the wheel.

According to US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, all drivers of commercial vehicles, especially buses and trucks, are not allowed to send text messages while driving. Those who violated this policy will be required to pay a fine.

  • Drug use- Drugs are taken in order to get better if you are suffering from an illness. However, many truck drivers take them for the wrong reasons. According to statistics released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), around 44 percent of all the recorded truck accidents that resulted from driver error involve those who have taken over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

Taking controlled substances can have serious effects like dizziness or losing consciousness so drivers are prohibited from doing it. They may only be allowed to do so if these drugs will not impair their driving skills or if it was allowed by a physician who knows their medical history.

  • Speeding- Many drivers speed up in order to deliver goods on time. If they go over the imposed speed limits, there is possibility that they will not be able to control the vehicle properly.

If you have questions regarding the causes of commercial truck accidents that are related to driver error, you can consult a Los Angeles injury attorney and read the next article.