Today, companies use commercial trucks in order to transport their products to different places. Road accidents involving large freight carriers or eighteen-wheelers can be more serious and catastrophic compared to accidents involving small vehicles. Commercial trucks weigh at least 80,000 pounds so it is likely that occupants of the smaller will be seriously or fatally injured in the event of a collision.

As mentioned in the first article, many commercial truck accidents happen as a result of driver negligence or error. When a truck driver failed to follow traffic rules or if he is unfit to drive, there is a high chance that he will cause injuries to other road users.

Aside from cell phone use, drug and alcohol abuse, and speeding, here are two other causes of commercial truck accidents that are related to driver negligence:

  • Driver fatigue- If a driver is too tired or if he is already sleepy, he will likely panic, run over a red lights, misjudge gaps, or become inattentive.

The "hours of service rules" have been imposed in order to ensure that trucks will not be operated by drivers who are suffering from driver fatigue. Under them, drivers can only drive a truck up to 11 hours per day. In addition, they are required to take a 10-hour break before their shift.

  • Failure to notice smaller vehicles in the "no-zone"- Truck drivers are taught how to spot smaller vehicles like motorcycles, cars, or sport utility vehicles that are in the no-zone.

It is known as an area where smaller vehicles can be unnoticed by truck drivers. According to some studies, accidents involving large trucks and cars are more likely to happen when the smaller vehicle is moving along the no-zone.

Taking Legal Action after a Commercial Truck Accident

If you sustained injuries after being involved in a commercial truck accident, you have the right to sue the truck driver and the company he is working for. Doing so will enable you to recover monetary damages from people who are at fault in the accident.

In this case, liability may also be attached to the shipping or trucking company, not just the truck driver. Under the theory "respondeat superior," the employer may also be held liable for the negligent actions committed by an employee if you were able to prove that the latter was performing his job duties at the time of the accident. You can increase your chances of winning the case if you acquire legal assistance from a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.