If you are installing a driveway sensor, then you can easily bury the probe and its wire beside the driveway then replace the grass or garden, but what do you do with the transmitter? Where can you hide this so it is safe, out of the way, and not noticeable, yet still be able to transmit the signal you need to get if there is a car in your driveway?

Even with the wireless driveway alarms and alert systems, you still need to have a transmitter hidden somewhere near the driveway that can transmit the signal to the receiver you have in the house. They are not that big, but you still need to do something with them.

Since you are doing this for security reasons, you probably don't want the driveway sensors to be that obvious right?

If you have a tree beside the driveway, then you can hide it here, but even then you may see a wire attached to the tree. Shrubs actually make good diversions, but unless they hold all their leaves in the winter, your transmitter may become noticeable and totally exposed to the weather.

These driveway sensors are designed to be able to take all kinds of weather, but why put the stress on the unit if you don't have to?

Stand Alone Bird House - But one good idea is to do some garden landscaping near your driveway, and add a feature such as a bird house on a post. You can then run the wire up the center of a hollow post and put the transmitter inside the bird house. Add some shrubs, bushes and flowers to the surrounding flower bed (being careful not to dig up the transmitter wire) and no one is going to know you have a driveway sensor. (You can block off the opening with something so that birds don't try to make a home on your sensor!)

The transmitter can send a signal through wood, and you will still be covered by your driveway sensor and be alerted to any car in the driveway.

Fake Rock - You can get these from garden centers. They look very realistic and are a way to do some decorative landscaping without the back breaking labor of getting heavy rocks for the rock garden or any garden in your yard.

Once you have buried the probe and the wire beside the driveway, you can run the wire directly into your decorative garden and place the transmitter under one of these fake rocks. You will still get the signal and be alerted. These fake rocks are realistic, but are usually made of a form of plastic. Mix them in with some real rocks!

Your neighborhood will think you decided to do some landscaping, and not be the wiser for your buried driveway sensor.

Fake Garden Ornaments - Such as statues and other decorative ideas. But these will have to be a ornament that can stay out in the winter in order to keep your transmitter secret safe!

Hiding Driveway Sensors - You can hide your driveway transmitter easily, you just have to be creative. Don't just staple the wire up the side of a tree and park the transmitter on a branch for everyone to see. It is better for the wire and the transmitter not to be exposed to the weather anyways, so maybe this is the year you do a bit of creative landscaping and install a driveway sensor for piece of mind and security. Also see Best Driveway Sensors and Best Mailbox Sensor and Best Door Sensors for more ideas.