There Are Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight And Drive

Tricks To Lose Weight

Losing weight fast in a week is a lot like driving a big truck. 

A Ford F-150 even looks like an overweight person. Don't get me wrong, I love F-150's. My Step Dad and I have owned a few different ones and we love them. 

I was looking at one the other day and maybe because I have thought of surgery to lose weight recently, I came up with this crazy thought.

I mean if you look at a truck, you can see that they have all the makings of an overweight person.

For starters, their body is big.

A truck has a big rear end. The front is heavy and middle of the truck where the cab is overly inflated like my stomach.

Poking fun at myself is okay. I have gained and lost weight for a long time. Ever since I can remember. So it only comes natural to me to have a sense of humor about it.

Since I am trying to lose a bit of weight, I figured I would write about it.

You know, I have tried everything in the book to lose weight.

Lose Weight F-150


I have tried unhealthy ways to lose weight, exercise programs to lose weight, cleansing diets to lose weight, HCG injections to lose weight, and now I am considering weight loss surgery.

With all of that, I decided to try to lose weight fast and see what happens. I am going to talk about that experience here and relate everything I can to a Ford F-150! Why? Becuase I can.

Let's have some fun.

Lose Weight Fast In A Week

I starting out looking to lose weight fast in a week and I got what I asked for. I was able to lose 12 lbs. in one week. 

It was scary like driving a big truck. Getting started is the worst part. Let's see how.

  1. Open The Truck Door - This is like taking the first step with your diet. You realized you must have a diet to lose weight or nothing will happen.
  2. Get In Driver Seat - Starting your diet must begin with the first day. Eating better and changing your future puts you in the driver's seat for your life.
  3. Turn On The Key - Turning on the engine is like getting your body going to lose more and more weight. 
  4. Step On The Pedal - This part is when your weight loss starts to really move.

All this happens relatively fast. Speaking of fast, I also looked into colon cleansers to lose weight and it reminds me of getting your oil changed.

Your oil collects and filters all the junk your engine builds up from the gasoline and grease it uses to run, just like food. 

So getting your colon cleansed is like an oil change.

I have not done it myself but I have a friend who did it and he lost 20 lbs. in less than a week.

HCG Injections To Lose Weight

I have taken HCG injections and pills to lose weight and have had some success. What HCG does is target your pituitary gland that regulates weight gain, among other things, and tells it to speed things up.

Some people have had great success with this trick to lose weight, but I did not last very long with it. 

Losing Weight In A Gym

It may have worked more if I had held out with the injections and pills but it is super expensive to lose weight that way. 

Think of HCG injections like fuel injector fluid. Have you ever used that stuff? It is incredible for your engine. You put it directly into your car and the engine speeds up and works smoother and better. 

Does Walking Help You Lose Weight

Yes it does ... DUH! But think of this again in a truck analogy. If you want to get somewhere, how fast will you get there driving slow?

Ooh, that should strike a nerve. It did for me and I am the one writing it. 

All my experiences with losing weight has pointed me to one inexorable fact: The more I work out, the more I lose weight. 

So the faster you drive the faster you get there. Fortunately, there is no ticket for driving fast on a diet.

Calories Intake To Lose Weight

I like this one because it makes me think of gasoline. Calories give your body energy and so does gasoline for your F-150. 

Most people think that to lose weight they have to create a calorie deficit. This is true to an extent. 

Lose Weight(109037)

What is important for your truck is important for you.

Do you think your truck is going to run better on 87 or 93? The answer is obvious. The better gasoline you have in your truck, the better it will run. 

Think of calories in the same way. The better calories your body intakes the better it will run. It will speed up and your whole body system will work on another level. Energy, vitality, and mental ability to name a few will improve.

So remember, the better types of calories you intake, like vegetables and fruits, the better your body will work and lose weight. 

Losing Weight Swimming

I love swimming and always have. I hate taking my shirt off in public. I won't lie. Who does if their not happy with their bodies. 

But losing weight by swimming is a wonderful and easy technique that anyone can use.  This isn't unhealthy or some lame trick to lose weight, it really works by speeding up your metabolism. 

Earlier I spoke of surgery to lose weight. I said I have tried everything from cleansing diets, HCG injections, and even some unhealthy ways to lose weight.

Through all of that, an exercise program to lose weight utilizing swimming seems is the best option.

Lose Weight Swimming

Imagine if your truck was a James Bond car that transformed into a boat that went into the water. If you know anything about boats, you know they have to use a lot more RPM to carry out a lot less speed than a vehicle on land.

Why? The resistance the water creates puts more drag and pull on the boat. 

This is true for you and your diet to lose weight fast. If you want to lose weight fast in a week, than swim like you want to

Quick Weight Loss Tricks To Lose Weight

Here is a quick list of things you can do to lose weight quickly. It is healthy, easy, and will help you Rev your engine to new weight loss heights. This is Doctor approved.

  1. Drink 90 oz of water a day ... No exceptions (Quit Drinking Diet Coke)
  2. Eat 3 servings of vegetables a day and 2 servings of fruits a day.
  3. Have no more than 3 servings of fiber each day with 2 servings of lean meat.
  4. Don't forget about losing weight swimming. Do as much as you can!

If you follow those 4 rules you will lose all sorts of weight without having to use cleansing diets, colon cleansing, injections, and unhealthy diets. 

You are in the driver seat for your weight loss, make your destination a grand one!

Hope you had fun and learned something

Just because we may need to lose some weight, we should never lose our sense of humor. A life without laughter is a life not worth living


Losing Weight Fast Tips

Force yourself to quit eating bread. I know it is heard but the payoff is enormous. All the carbs that come in bread go to all the wrong places on your body.