In the past, when the first cars were built, steering wheels were often fabricated with material like wood or uncovered metal. Furthermore heating/cooling controls for the wheel were non-existent. Therefore, in winter times it was possible to become stuck to the wheel due to freezing. As a consequence, it was almost mandatory to wear driving gloves back then.


Driving gloves are still very useful nowadays. They brace the bones of the hands against vibration and jolting. The difference after a day of driving is significant. Therefore it is recommended to use driving gloves if you have to drive long distances, for example when you go on vacation with your car.  However, many people don’t know where they can buy quality driving gloves. The purpose of this article therefore is to review the best suppliers of driving gloves.

This is one of the best online shops for gloves of all kinds. Their assortment is huge. If you cannot find the glove you want here, you will find it nowhere. also has very low sending fees for people who live inside the United States. The only disadvantage of this web shop is that the service is rather poor.

Very good web shop that sells the most stylish gloves I have ever seen. Their best driving gloves are made in Italy, by a specialized glove maker. However, there are some disadvantages. For example, they only sell men gloves. This web shop is useless for women therefore. Furthermore they do not ship to Europe, which is a bit strange, because the gloves are fabricated in Europe! However the shop is located in San Francisco and therefore doesn’t ship to Europe.

This web shop is without doubt the cheapest. I couldn’t find shops with lower prices than Their shipping times are lightning fast, unless you live in the United States or Asia. The service of this shop is good too; I never had problems returning gloves that were just a bit small.  This shop does not have any real disadvantages, except the fact it is located solely in the United Kingdom, and therefore shipping times will be long if you live in the United States. is one of the most expensive online shops. However, the service they provide is excellent. Questions are always answered within 24 hours and if there is any problem with your glove, you will receive a full refund. This web shop is highly recommended for people that are new with driving gloves.


Driving gloves are very useful when you have to ride long distances. Your hands will feel way better when you ride with driving gloves on. Fortunately, you can purchase driving gloves quite cheaply at various web shops. The place to start for beginners is If you want to purchase the cheapest there are on the internet, I would recommend has the most stylish and fashionable gloves, but they don’t sell women driving gloves unfortunately.