Rain, rain go away!

There are always those times during the year where we are forced to drive in the pouring rain, or a nasty thunderstorm. This leads to a rise in car accidents due to driving in the rain. Driving in the rainDriving in rain can be scary, but if you know how to drive safely, then you will feel more at ease. Here are some tips for driving in the rain safely.

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Step 1

Check your windshield wipers regularly. It is important for them to work in the event of a downpour. If you keep putting it off, the rain could catch you by surprise one day, and then your wipers don't work. What will you do? Don't let yourself get into a situation where you will need to pull over, just because it is raining too heavily.

Step 2

Check the air pressure in your tires regularly. This should be a given, honestly. Without good air pressure, your car can't hold traction well.

Step 3

Regularly check to make sure all vehicle lights are fully functioning. If you can't see very well at night, that is a definite sign to change your lights. water hazardIf it's dark and raining heavily, that could be a deadly situation. Don't let yourself be put in that situation.

Step 4

Don't rush to where ever it is that you're going. It is important to drive slow and give yourself time to drive to your destination. If you are rushing this could greater your chances of a car accident. Nothing is worth risking your life, so be careful.

Step 5

Always be aware of deep puddles and areas with a lot of water. Hydroplaning and skidding is very possible during heavy rains. They are quite scary , too, as you lose control of the vehicle. It is important not to slam on the brakes in the event of hydroplaning, because it could actually make it worse. Ease your foot off of the gas and keep the steering wheel still and you should gain control again quickly.

If you are aware and cautious of what is going on around you and with regular maintenance on your car, you can be prepared for the heavy rains. Don't drive stupidly, and watch the cars around you, too. Stay far enough back from the car in front of you, so that you don't hit them if they slam on their brakes. With these small tips, you can make a big difference in how you drive while it's raining. Keep it up. :)

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