The number one issue for all bloggers is getting people to their blog site. Once you conquer this initial hurdle everything else falls into place for making profitable money from your blog.

Blogging which is similar to anything else takes time. You must dedicate yourself daily to your blog including the most necessary step which is content.

The content of your blog says something about you personally and inevitably decides whether or not you gain an audience or lose one. It builds your reputation and in turn will build you income. Focus on each article you blog or put on your blog being the best that it can be.

There are a few things you can do to make your blog a success and create traffic and followers.

  • Articles must be excellent. Each and every one won’t be. However, you intent are that they will. If you can get a minimum of one each week you will have realized and accomplished a goal that most bloggers only dream of. A celebrated article will add worth and importance to your work.

Many great articles are developed through; creating resources for your readers to use, a detailed description of how to do something-most readers enjoy these types of articles, offering a solution to a common problem that plagues your niche or an analysis that is deep for your niche that you have heard murmurs about through your sites or twitter.


Keep paper with you while you are working on other things on your computer. you may be surprised at what ideas come to you. Jot them down and work an article around it. don’t copy content, but create  your own.


  • Networking for your blog is vital

Commenting on other blogs related to your niche. You can even highlight or write an article on another similar blog. Have a guest blogger-request some of your friends that are in your same niche to write a guest blog. Build honest relationships with other bloggers.

Visit other blogs that are successful and discover what they have done that may be different from what you have done and determine how to make your blog better.

Share links. There are a lot of promotional sites that allow you to share links with other bloggers of your same niche at no cost.

  • Your blog must be promoted over and over again

Let bloggers and webmasters know about your blog. Ask a friend, fellow blogger or webmaster to provide you with feedback that is genuine. What they like or don’t like about your blog. Ask them to provide feedback on the content and the layout. Take their information and work to make your blog even better. Ask friends if they would tweet some of the articles or the blog for you or add to their Facebook page.

Search engine optimization should be part of promoting your blog. Get the word out to others. Social media marketing is very important to getting the work out there for others to see. Find ways to advertise your blog for free through links. Add comments to other blogs and leave your blog link in your signature. When you leave comments, make actual comments other than “nice post”. You can also join forums and leave comments with your blog information. People will click on links and be taken to your content to find that wow article and hopefully join.

Ask other bloggers if you can add links to their website and if they will link or join yours. This is a community where everyone is after the same thing and in this situation you have a win/win. Most bloggers that are friendly will agree.

If you write freelance articles for other sites, include links to your blog in those articles.

  • Besides killer articles you need to spend time on regular articles also

Write articles in blocks. Sometimes those creative juices will flow and you can pump out one article after another that have great content. Ask questions of your readers to start a discussion. Ask them if they have content they would like to see on the blog and write articles about those. Review your comments and find out if there is a relevant theme that you can find in them. If so, write on those comments.

Put in the work and your blog will be a success. The more you blog the better you will get at it. you will find what works and what doesn’t. don’t give up if the going is slow, strive to be perfect. You wont reach perfection but you can come pretty darn close.