arrested for dui

Every time you drive under the influence, you are not only putting your life in danger, but every one around you. The whole surrounding area becomes a danger zone with invisible caution cones that no one is aware of except for you, in the back of your mind. Driving while intoxicated does cloud your judgment, but one does tend to know whether or not they are capable of driving or operating a vehicle.

You may end up seriously injured, your sibling may end up seriously injured, and any one around you may end up seriously injured. Worse than being seriously injured, you could be responsible for the life of others, including your own. You probably think to yourself, "Oh, I am just driving home. Everything will be just fine.", but what are you going to say when everything is not fine? What are you going to tell your parents, or your best friends' parents, or whom ever you have hurts family when they either do not come home, or that no one is ever going to see them smile again?

Unless you have a good Miami DUI lawyer. Getting caught driving while under the influence is no walk in the park, it is "A doodle that cannot be undid". It permanently marks your driving record; there is no "Fix-it Ticket" for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence). You are liable to face serious jail time, your license will be suspended, you will be required to attend mandatory probation classes, and on top of it all, you will be charged a very hefty fine. Not only do you receive a ticket with a large charge for driving under the influence, but your car may be towed away and locked up in a police impound for several days. The police impound charges by the day for your car and you are not able to get your car out until the sentence is up, therefore totaling an additional large sum of money owed.

Making decisions is a major part of life, we hope to make the good decisions and stray from the bad. Think, before you drink and drive, and seriously reconsider getting into that car. A South Florida DUI lawyer with a track record of success can utilize the law in your favor saving you time, money and even avoid getting you in jail all together.