Driving safe with Serengeti sunglasses and why you should get one!

Every person who knows a thing or two about sunglasses knows this: for driving, you best buy a pair of Serengeti sunglasses. Good sunglasses increase traffic safety and that's incredibly important. Because of this more people should know about the advantaged of driving while wearing this kind of sunglasses.

Information about Serengeti

Serengeti is an American company that was founded in 1985 inFlorida. The brand immediately received a lot of positive reactions because the brand decided to focus on really good lenses for their sunglasses and innovative sunglasses techniques. They started using their slogan: performance, elegance, protection and style. Today these sunglasses are worn by many celebrities and Serengeti sunglasses are recommended for those who want to fly, drive or sport in general.

What makes Serengeti sunglasses special?

What makes Serengeti so special, is the lenses they use for the sunglasses. They sell different kinds and I will tell something about all:

Photochromic: These lenses are light adaptive. They constantly adjust to the changing light conditions. In bright sunlight the lenses will darken, while in darkness the lenses will lighten up. This works automatically, all that is needed is UV-light. Because of this, driving will be safer because you won't be surprised by changing light.

Spectal Control: A spectal control lens filters blue light. Blue light is always distracting and will bring blur. By filtering this out, the problem is gone, which increases your safety on the road.

Polarization: This technique only allows optimum parallel light waves through. This is really nice for your eyes because if didn't wouldn't be done, your eyes will easily get irritated and tired. Therefore these lenses are increasing your safety.

These three lenses are turned into 7 lenstypes they use for sunglasses:

  1. Drivers: this is a photochromic lens that is perfectly suited for driving cars.

  2. Drivers gradient: this photochormic lens is perfect for pilots.

  3. Drivers polarized: this polarized lens is also perfect for drivers of cars.

  4. 555NM: this lens is perfect for sceneries with a lot of light and shining things.

  5. 555NM: this lens is perfect for sceneries with a lot of light and shining things, but the lens is polarized too.

  6. Sedona: this lens is perfect for sportsmen. The lens shows great contrasts and therefore skiers and golfers should be happy with it.

  7. Sedona polarized: similar to Sedona, but polarized as well. Also meant to be used by sportsmen.

How do I get myself a Serengeti?

The brand has it's own site: http://www.serengeti-eyewear.com where they show their products. Many sites on internet offer their sunglasses too. It's wise to look around a bit before buying one. The prices differ a lot. Normally the sunglasses are really expensive, but for example, my boyfriend bought his Serengeti Torrini for 140 dollar, while the price in Holland is around 300 euros!