My recent review of the new droid 3 upgrade from a droid 1


Just received my new D3 (Droid 3) It is an upgrade from my original D1 (Droid 1)

I Have used the D1 for the past 2 years, and I have been following up on the D3 almost daily for the past couple of weeks. So when I finally had the chance to order it online yesterday, I did not hesitate. I was given free overnight shipping from Verizon. A huge plus as I was really anxious to get this phone in my hands and was willing to pay for overnight shipping either way.

The Good:

This thing looks and feels great. Compared to the D1, this phone seems much better made. The screen is a bit larger and the extra row on the qwerty keyboard is a big plus (no more having to press alt + number)

Gingerbread (android 2.3) seems to run alot smoother compared to the Froyo I had on my D1. Although I do miss my apps screen to just be scrolled through instead of viewing through multiple pages.

The front facing camera is a huge plus and the 8mp camera is a nice step up from the original.

Dont know much about dual core but this phone has it, and it means I can finally play angry birds without lag, the way it naturally plays on iphones!


The Bad:


I really dont understand motorola's reason for not including 4g on this phone. I thought that being a new device, I would be getting better reception in places I didnt get as good reception with my original droid. But nope, reception amount of bars, access to 3g is pretty much the same as it was on my D1.


Seriously, how is it possible that my D1 was able to stream from netflix, yet my d3 cant? I searched in the android market, couldn't find it. Looked online, and it says Netflix is not compatible with this device. The phone does come preloaded with  a  Blockbuster app, could the competition be why?


This phone comes with way too many preloaded apps that I heard were impossible to delete. It is loaded with vcast apps which really isnt necessary (atleast for me) when you already have the Android Market.  Is VZ NAVIGATOR really necessary when you have google navigation already on your phone for FREE? which brings me to my next point:

Navigation seems slower

Havent really used navigation on my D1 for a while but I dont remember it taking it so long to load a navigation route. My D3 spent th better part of 5 minutes "searching for gps" which simply should not be happening.

Placement of the charger outlet

On the d1 the charger outlet is on the upper left hand side, which makes it the perfect spot for using your phone while its charging. On the d3 the outlet is on the lower left hand side, which definitely makes it more uncomfortable to handle.

No dedicated camera button

Granted the camera always took long to load on the D1 when you pressed it's dedicated button. But I atleast enjoyed having the option anytime you needed to snap a quick picture or video.


Closing Thoughts

While the Camera upgrades, Dual core Processor, Larger screen, and 5th row on the qwerty keyboard were definitely plusses. The Phone really is not worth the $200 upgrade, if it was $50 for the upgrade then I would definitely say its worth it. But not worth $200. Overall I wanted this phone mainly because I love the qwerty keyboards and this phone is pretty much the only phone on Verizon that has such a keyboard. I would've gone for iphone had iphone used google navigation (it was the deal breaker for me as I use the navigation for my job) I was definitely expecting more, and hopefully after a good charge and more exploring I will begin to not regret my purchase so much, but as it stands now, My Advice:

Wait for the Droid Bionic or iphone 5!