Big easy to use 4.3 inch screen.

8 MP Camera with Duel LCD Flash.

720P HD Video.

Android 2.2 with use of flash (yes flash!)

Android Market

Fast 1 GhZ processor.

Integrates Facebook with your phonebook. (all facebook contacts in phone book however this feauture can be turned off!)

HDMI OUTPUT *This allows you to get a HDMI cable and watch your HD Videos on your tv!

Plays MP3's *download music wizard for free mp3 downloads :)

Streaming content such as pandora and podcasts *how do you live without this?

Touch zoom in/out *makes browsing a LOT easier!

Update your facebook status and upload your photos straight to facebook after you take them.

Use as a wireless modem.

Impresses your friends.

Gives you Street Cred.

Makes you look important/sexy.


The internet can be slow if you are using a lot of bandwith or bad connection.

It crashes occasionally.

sometimes you look too sexy and people are intimidated by your sophistaction and high tech lifestyle.

Full Review

I couldn't wait to get the Droid X. Breathtaking 4.3 inch screen with 720p HD Video 8 MP Camera with duel LCD Flash and a SnapDragon 1 GiG Processor. Ooooh Baby was I excited. Immediately after it came in the mail I ripped open the box like a 8 year old boy on christmas morning. While holding this beauty in my hands I began to brainstorm all the evil and glorious things I would do with the power with neglect of responsibility with such a toy. If you are thinking about me abusing the open source android operating system then you are dead on your preminision my friend. I now no longer pay for internet, cable and home phone. I use my Droid to network my house, stream my netflix, listen to music, and browse the web, all for $30 bux a month and completely wireless. You tell me is it worth it? The answer is a simple "duh". With an app store that promises the world of possibilities at your disposal you can't go wrong with the beautiful Droid X. What's an Iphone?

In Closing

Overall If you haven't realized the possibilities of an android operating phone and how it can improve your life then you need to buy a clue. It costs around $200 with a 2 year contract and if used properly will pay for itself in the long run.