Motorola Droid X Mobile Phone


Droid X

  • Larger screen is easier to read
  • Larger screen is easier to type on
  • Screen easier to see in daylight
  • Separate graphics processor
  • More memory included
  • HDMI port
  • Longer battery life
  • Higher resolution video (1280 x 720 vs 800 x 480 - for now, Incredible may bump up soon)


The only things about the Droid X that can be considered negatives are that the larger device is not quite as easy to carry. Then again, neither is going to slip in my pocket like my old Motorola Razor phone!

HTC does have some nicer software features with the user interface; but I would think being that Android is an 'open' platform, someone could come up with improvements that would work on the Droid X.

Full Review

Droid X versus HTC Incredible

I was looking at the Motorola Droid X and HTC Incredible for an Android mobile phone to replace my Samsung Omnia Windows Mobile phone on the Verizon network. Windows Mobile is due for an upgrade, but let's face it, the platform is near dead with little hope in site.

Since AT&T is as dead in my area as Windows Mobile and Verizon may not have the iPhone for months if ever, Android was the easy choice to make.

What is not so easy is the choice between the HTC Incredible and the Motorola Droid X. Both of these Android platform phones are loved by their owners and real contenders. (Did you realize that the term Droid is used under license to Lucasfilms? Nice royalty there!)

Both phones use an onscreen keyboard with great visual and vibe feedback. I used to feel the need for a slide out keyboard, but the last one I owned was not only too small for my fingers but I never really learned how to use tiny function keys to be able to type what I wanted.

The HTC Incredible has been written up as a spectacular phone with and excellent camera, optimum size for many and great processing power.

The Droid X, though, sports an equally fast processor with a dedicated graphics processor and HDMI capability, and some say better usability in sunlight.

What makes the Droid X my personal pick for a new Android powered mobile phone is the larger screen size which makes it a little easiser on older eyes but also makes the keyboard just a bit bigger for the big fingers.

I also thought that the HDMI might be interesting down the road, but the image stabilization feature on the Droid X on the camera should make for better videos all along the way.

One Verizon representative also mentioned that the Motorola models seem to do better on battery life than HTC; just one more plus for the Droid X.

So to sum it up, the Droid X is my Android phone of choice. The larger screen is just plain easier to type on for a guy like me with larger fingers and cannot hurt when viewing either.

In Closing

While neither the Droid X or the HTC Incredible have owners going nuts-oid (pun intended) over their mobile phone like the iPhone does, users of both are "incredibly" (there I go again, sorry) happy.

Whenever you are looking for a device like and Android phone that will change 10 seconds after you buy it yet you will be stuck with for 2 years due to your mobile contract, always take plenty of time to review and decide what is best for you.

For me, that is going to be the Motorola Droid X.