Drop Dead Diva


A lively show that has plenty of guest stars on a regular occasion.
Well written script and believable character portrayal.
A great mixture of humor and drama that manages to keep your interest.
An occasional musical dream sequence to liven up the show.


It is a summer show so the season is short and there are fewer shows.

Full Review

Every Sunday night we gather in front of the television and we follow the life of Jane the attorney as she muddles through her daily life. The reason Jane muddles through is she only has half of the pieces of the puzzle that make up Jane's life.

Deb was an aspiring model in California and she knew everything about the models life. She knew how to stay thin, how to apply makeup, how to have a manicure and a pedicure. Deb also knew she was in love with Grayson Kent and wanted to be the next Price is Right model.

Deb had a fiance, a roommate and a seemingly perfect life. That picture of a perfect life was up until the moment her life ended. A tragic cell phone call and an unseen truck make for an accident that never turns out well. Deb wakes up and she is no longer on the streets of Los Angeles, California. She is shocked to find that she is standing at the desk of the gatekeeper, dead. It is then that Fred the gatekeeper begins to search for her in his book, the book of life. When he finds her page of nothing bad or good just a blank page. He The comes to realize that she has nothing of value, she is "Shallow"

Deb is insulted and sees a "return" button. She is immediately back on the Earth and she is waking up. She is not herself. She is in the body of Jane Bingham, a plus size Attorney that is portrayed by Brooke Elliott.

This is the premise of the television show and it has so many angles that it keeps you constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop in her life.

This show is well worth watching and getting to know the characters and how they interact with each other from week to week as the story line progresses.

In Closing

The cast:
  • Brooke Elliott as Jane Bingham
  • Margaret Cho as Teri Lee
  • Jackson Hurst as Grayson Kent
  • Kate Levering as Kim Kaswell
  • April Bowlby as Stacy Barrett
  • Josh Stamberg as J. Parker
  • Ben Feldman as Fred
This cast comes together perfectly in Drop Dead Diva and each week you learn more about Jane's life and how Deb is making it her own. With court cases that are interesting, the characters develop inside and outside of the courtroom. The guest stars that have made appearances on the show are names like Rosie O'Donnell, Tim Gunn, the maven from Project Runway , Paula Abdul of American Idol fame and Jorja Fox from the CBS show CSI Las Vegas. The guest stars alone are enough to watch the show, but the story is unique and very cleverly done.