Drop leaf tables for small spaces can be the ideal solution for decorating a home that has limited square footage. Essentially, a drop leaf table is a versatile piece that can be made smaller or larger depending upon your needs. This accessory often features a fixed center section and at least two side panels that are hinged. Lowering the side panels reduces the usable surface area. If you’re having company, you raise the panels to make the tabletop larger.

Other Styles of Convertible Tables

Some of these tables feature a half fixed top and a half drop top. This style frequently uses a leg that can be positioned to support the hinged half when it is in use. When the moveable half is lowered, the leg slides beneath the frame.

A Space Saving Solution

This style of table has proven to be a lifesaver for many people. You’ll find these useful pieces in a kitchen or in dining rooms. Whether your decor is antique or modern, you’ll probably find several uses for this accessory.

The Benefits of Using a Drop Leaf Table

Traditional tables often feature a large, heavy leaf that must be stored elsewhere when it’s not in use. When you have company, you have to remove the leaf from storage, lug it into the dining room, heft it into place and struggle to join all of the various pieces. When your company leaves, you must reverse the process. That’s a lot of work, and it shows that a different style just might be the better design.

Plenty of Options from Which to Choose

These tables are available in round, square, oval and rectangular shapes. You can find them in a solid wood like oak, mahogany or pine. Alternatively, you may be able to find them with a durable laminate top. Many of them are available as sets complete with chairs. You’ll also be able to choose from a wide variety of color options from natural grain woods to colors like white, red and black.

Purchasing Options

These items can be found online, in furniture stores and at big box retail stores around the world. Where you’ll find the best deals often depends upon where you live and at what time of year you are shopping. However, if you’re determined to get the best price, just wait until a sale starts so that you can pay a cheap price for a high quality style.

Where to Buy Space Saving Tables

The following retailers are a few suggestions to get you started on your quest for one of these innovative little tables. These retailers have been chosen based on terms such as the quality of the products they offer, free shipping promotions, the diversity of styles for sale and the excellent level of customer service they provide.


For sheer variety and selection, few retailers can beat Ikea. This retailer lets you shop online and in their stores. Just be aware that some styles are only available in stores while others are online exclusives. Chances are good that you’ll double your selections simply by looking online first to get an idea of what this store has to offer.

Ikea features many sleek and innovative designs that are ideal for putting in quite small spaces. Among the best of these are the wall-mounted tables. These designs are extremely affordable and provide a great space-saving solution. When the table’s not in use, it’s folded up and completely out-of-the-way. Nonetheless, it can still be accessed easily should the need arise. Ikea also features several sets that have seating for up to six people.


This website is another dependable resource for these tables. From modern designs with few embellishments to designs that take their inspiration from the ornate styles of another era, Amazon has a little bit of everything. As a bonus, pieces that are actually sold through Amazon may be eligible for free shipping. Considering how heavy the shipping package is likely to be, this can represent significant savings. Keep in mind that Amazon features used products in addition to new ones. This may mean being able to purchase a really great, slightly used table at an unbeatable price.


At Overstock, you’ll find plenty of options at closeout prices. Whether you are looking for a table for your living room, kitchen or dining room, you’ll probably find something appropriate here. The selection can vary widely depending upon when you shop, as the items at Overstock tend to be remainders. As a result, it makes sense to shop at Overstock when you are ready to make a purchase. If you browse one day and then return to buy on another day, chances are good that you will have missed your opportunity. Most purchases from Overstock ship with very reasonable shipping charges, so even a set of table with chairs will not cost an arm and a leg to ship.

JC Penney

Like Ikea, JC Penney offers shoppers the chance to buy online or in stores. They have a more limited selection of these tables when compared to other retailers. However, their prices are quite competitive and the designs they feature are elegant and traditional. As an added incentive to shop online, JC Penney provides free shipping on orders that total more than $50, so you’ll definitely be able to save if you order here.

Efurniture Mart

This website specializes in discount priced furnishings, including drop leaf tables. From sleek and modern to ornate and old-fashioned, you’ll find a wide variety of styles here. In addition, you can always expect free shipping and great customer service from this website. The search options at eFurniture Mart are many. You can search by style, finish, material, shape, length and other options to find the ideal table for your space.

A Smart Living Solution

Living in cramped quarters can be annoying and claustrophobic. However, if you plan ahead and purchase furniture that is designed to help you save space, a small home can be a blessing of efficiency. Finding drop leaf tables for small spaces means choosing a reasonable solution to the small home quandary. With its inherent versatility, this table can be small enough when you’re serving a meal for one, but also large enough if you’re having a party for six.