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A drug is any substance which when ingested, has the ability to change the way the body feels or behaves. They can benefit the body in by bringing health in diseased situations; change someone state of mind or mood; or make one dependent on it (i.e. become addictive in order to cope with life.




There are different types which could be summed-up into two categories namely:

  1.  Legal (prescription drugs)
  2. Illegal (cocaine, crack, marijuana)



drug abuser and addicts

Apart from the direct effect of feeling "high" (hallucinogenic effect), drug use can damage body organs, for example the nervous system. Damage to the nervous system can make one nervous; walking and standing becomes difficult. Damage to the liver leads to cirrhosis of the liver, blindness. damage of the stomach lining can also cause ulcer. It can also damage the nostrils and lungs, cause skin rashes and abscesses on the body where injections are used.

When it is misused by married adults, it can lead to family problems including divorce. It is a fact that most of them affects the brain by interfering with the "neurotransmitters".

Long-term abuse changes areas in the brain that affect behaviour, judgement, learning and memory. The reasoning and thought processing abilities of the abuser, becomes severely damaged.

The children are not left out. Without good parental care, they drop out of school and become problems the society.


drug addicted victims

Abusers often neglect responsibilities because of fascination with taking drugs. Performance on the job or at school may suffer significantly, leading to job loss. It also leads to disruption in relationships and friendships because of changes in behaviour.

Some abusers endanger their children because of neglectful action, including leaving them at home alone for long hours. Sometimes, abusers lose control and put themselves and other people around them in dangerous situations. they take risks such as driving under the influence,and having unprotected sex with multiple partners.

Some people abuse cold and cough medicines for temporary intoxicating effect. However, large doses can lead to dizziness, slurred speech, nausea, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, loss of consciousness and brain damage.


drug addicts





Drug abuse is prevented through education and awareness of the evil effects of drug abuse.

Addicts can go through rehabilitation and counselling processes involving and inculcating life coping skills, positive social interaction and adopting of healthy lifestyles.


drug addiction



Government is making conscious efforts to improve the health of the population through agencies responsible for implementing its general health policy. Such organisations are known as The Drug Control Agencies.

They include the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), National Drug Law Enforcement Agenency, (NDLEA), National Agency for Drug Administration and control (NAFDAC).

As the name suggests, N.D.L.E.A. monitors the transporting, trafficking and use of illegal or illicit drugs. They operate at the airport where they usually apprehend those attempting to smuggle illicit drugs out of the country. They also have offices nationwide and carry out frequent raids to farm settlements where indian hemp is grown.

NAFDAC on the other hand is mainly concerned about the sale and use of fake prescription drugs. Apart from these, the police may play a major role in arresting hard drug sellers, users and traffickers.



  1. A drug is any substance that changes the way the body works
  2. A drug can be beneficial or it could also cause harm to the body
  3. effects of abuse includes damages to our body organs as well as causing social problems
  4. Abuse can be prevented through education and awareness of the dangers involved in it
  5. Government agencies responsible for implementing health policies include:                      CSA, NAFDAC, NDLEA

Drug abuse may make one feel temporarily intoxicated, but it can lead to loss of hearing and sense of smell as well as severe toxic reactions and even death. There is a way that seemeth right to a man but the end is destruction. Be carefull! Be warned!!! Don't do drugs.