drug detox guideThe term drug detox strikes fear into the heart of every addict. The fear of going through withdrawal can be so frightening that many addicts never go any further.

But, you need to know that drug rehabilitation centers have medical personnel who can administer medications to ease or eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal. If you are too weak to handle detox, you can undergo rapid drug detox and be unconscious during most of the process.

So, before you decide to walk away from the opportunity to get clean, you need to at least read this article to learn your options.

The biggest fear facing many drug addicts contemplating drug detox is the fear of the pain and symptoms expected during the detoxification process. These side effects range from sweating, nausea, pain, tremors, and diarrhea to seizures and drug detox infotemporary mental incompetence..

However, the drug treatment center medical personnel will be able to give the addict medications that will ease and sometimes eliminate some or all of these symptoms.

Physicians employed by the drug treatment center will administer medications to ease the discomfort and pain associated with the drug detox process. Most of the time, the doctors prescribe Kloneprin or Buprenophex.

However, as the patient completes the drug detox process, the physician will taper off the drugs to reduce the chance of dependency. Even so, some drug addicts greatly fear further chemical dependency and, as such, opt for rapid drug detox as an alternative.

Rapid drug detox is used to assist you when you cannot withstand the pain of conventional drug detox. This involves having a physician place you under general anesthesia while the body purges the drugs from your system. Because you are unconscious, you usually will not feel anything. This process of rapid drug detox can last for days.

However, not all drug rehab centers offer rapid drug detox.

Do you understand the process of drug detoxification now? Good, then you know what to expect.

Conventional drug detox does involve certain side effects. However, these effects can be reduced by the use of medications. If you are too weak to endure conventional drug detox, you can find certain drug treatment centers that offer rapid drug detox. Regardless of which method best suits your needs, you no longer have an excuse not to get clean.

It is time to act now.