A drug test is a scientifically-designed procedure that analyzes a certain biological specimen from any living creature most specifically human being for the primary purpose of detecting the presence or absence of a particular drug or substance, including its metabolites. Such analysis is performed by scanning a person's sweat, saliva, hair, blood, and urine. Nowadays drug testing kits are continuously introduced in the open market so that every household can have a chance of monitoring their loved ones especially their children who tend to explore new stuff. Drug testing kits can also be bought for personal purposes. This is for individuals who want to check their body drug level to find out if they are already getting intoxicated or not; also if they want to find out if they are to pass a particular routine or initial drug tests which are usually performed in offices and companies that they work for.

Multi-Drug Test Kit

Drug tests were originally performed in the mid 1980's when employers and particular companies are the only ones that have access to drug checking devices. This is to screen their existing or potential employees for drug use and health maintenance purposes. The first medium of drug checking is through getting urine specimen, and it used to take 24-48 hours until the results are gotten. As time went by, drug tests were eventually used as screening procedures for athletes due to the current issue of steroid usage for improved endurance and overall performance.

Drug tests are very significant in the present times because they do not just do drug detections, but also they contribute to overall health status and maintenance of people. In terms of emotions and social aspects, passing drug tests can both improve a person's self esteem and motivate those who got positive results into gradually stopping their current drug abuse because they simply had to pass. It also has a big role in maintaining and diagnosing a person's mental status. Abusive substances and drugs are the most popular and leading causes of psychiatric and mental disorder worldwide. Some of these disorders include schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, and the like.

There are so many addictive substances and drugs that are sold and used worldwide. Unlike many drugs which are mostly sold and traded in the underground market, the rest of the drugs as well as drug testing kits are made available in hospitals and drug stores. For example, marijuana is not sold in drug stores, but a marijuana drug testing kit is openly available in the open market. Usually, such addictive drugs are categorized into two sections, namely uppers (otherwise known as stimulants) and downers (also called depressants). The substances, for which some of the single drug check kits (sets which are specially designed for one particular drug) are prescribed for, are as follows:

1. Marijuana (THC)

Being also a depressant, this also leads to loss of inhibition, relaxation, and other weakness symptoms. If only used once, it can be detected in 5-8 days, while if used daily on a regular basis, it stays in your circulatory system for 49-63 days.

2. Alcohol

This is a CNS depressant. Therefore, side effects of excessive alcohol use are weakness, decreased coordination and inhibition, relaxation, slurred speech, and slowed reflexes. It can be detected in 6-24 hours through urine, 12-24 hours for blood and saliva, and up to 90 days for hair test.

3. Nicotine

Nicotine is a chemical substance that is one of the major components of cigarettes and tobacco; as such, this chemical is inhaled and is lodged directly to the respiratory tract. This is addictive because it is known to have a certain affectation on the limbic system of CNS (central nervous system). Its detection time is 4-10 days.

4. Ecstasy (MDMA)

Being a derivative of amphetamine, Ecstasy can cause euphoria (sense of feeling light), hey alertness, hypertension, and fine tremors. It is detected in 5-7 days.

5. Cocaine (Coc)

This basically looks like a white powder. Using it, a person may feel more alert, more talkative, hypertensive, excessive sweating (diaphoresis), and the like. Its Drug detection time is 2-5 days.

Types of Drug Testing Kits

1. Oral fluid (saliva)

These drug kits make use of a particular small round sponge that is made to be inserted in the mouth to absorb oral fluid or saliva.

2. Hair

This type of checking tests involve cutting of an ample amount of human hair. A specially-cut paper is used to wrap and hold the hair inside.

3. Urine

Urine drug test kits are used with the urine specimen. In catching urine specimen, one must get the mid-stream (middle flow) of the urine.

As mentioned earlier, single substance testing kits make use only one specific chemical; while on the other hand, multiple drug test kits (2-10 drugs) make use of many different chemicals simultaneously. A person should choose whichever suits his or her situation and current lifestyle.