Drug Laws, Drug Wars, And

The Possible Impact Of

Marijuana Legalization

It is a well known fact that alcohol prohibition was a fiasco.  And so is drug prohibition.  It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now.  These draconian drug laws were mainly started as a method of ethnic cleansing, profiteering, reducing competition from the following industries:  chemical, forestry, and pharmaceutical companies.    Drugs were never supposed to be illegal.  They were supposed to be under the jurisdiction of the American Medical Association.

These drug laws were a huge fraud perpetrated upon an unsuspecting American public by the use of deception.  These unscrupulous law enforcement officers and politicians found loopholes in the law that would criminalize non criminal acts.  There was nothing short of a constitutional amendment that would criminalize drugs on a federal level.  That is why they found a way to put a tax stamp on them.  But the thing is they wouldn’t issue a tax stamp, and if you didn’t have a tax stamp they would put you in prison.

Harry J. Anslinger, was the main culprit of this horrible fraud on the American Public.  He terrorized  America  by stating that marijuana was used by negroes and mexicans and that they were an extreme danger to the white race and white women.    This man Anslinger was all about personal career advancement and greed.  He found a way to build up his new agency the Federal Bureau of Narcotics into a multi-billion dollar industry.  He had people like Randolph Hearst behind him and the DuPont chemical companies.

Randolph Hearst particularly had a vendetta against Mexicans.  He hated them and did anything within his power to hurt them.  He invented Yellow Journalism, whereby he would sensationalize and distort the truth in order to intentionally deceive American citizens.  This yellow journalism had a major impact in criminalizing drugs.   Hearsts newspapers would  write horrible lies about marijuana and crazed negroes looking at white women and mad mexicans going out and murdering people on marijuana induced rampages.

These acts never happened.  They were just a bunch of concocted lies that made him billions of dollars and helped spawn a new industry of prisons, law enforcement, and judicial system that is overburdened with a victimless crime of personal drug use.  

If people want to use drugs that is their own personal business as long as they don’t hurt anybody.  Because of these lies America is #1 in prisons, parole, probation.  America is no longer truly free, for a person cannot truly do what he wants to do, even if it doesn’t hurt anyone.  He can be imprisoned in a violent, torturous prison system, run by corrupt prison guards, police, judges, prosecutors.

It doesn’t appear that there is any end in sight from this nightmare that was created.  It has actually become a trillion dollar industry.  For if we were to legalize drugs, there would be virtually no crime in America.  Legalizing drugs would have the most significant economic impact that we have ever seen.  It would devastate entire industries of locking up human beings in concentration camps, and career oriented prosecutors and judges.  It would literally send them to the welfare lines overnight.

This is why drugs will never be legalized.   The United States Judicial system has become so corrupted that it will never happen.  We will just continue to lock up American citizens.  We actually have 3.1% of our adult  population in prison, parole, or probation behind this was on drugs.  When one out of every 30 adults is in prison, parole, or probation, we really have a major problem.  When will it ever end.  Never.

Currently we have an ever expanding need for incarceration and punishment.  It has become the American way.  Another horrible fact about this is among the black population.  3 out of 4 black males between 18 and 27 is in prison, probation or parole.  Even foreign countries like China say that the United States has no business criticizing China’s civil rights abuses because China recognizes that we have the most Racist Unfair Judicial system on the planet, which is directly associated to our war on drugs.

If we continue our current exponential growth rate of incarceration, eventually everyone in the United States will be imprisoned.  How long can we sustain this out of control growth rate.

The stats source is the World Prison Population List. 8th edition. Prisoners per 100,000 population

A graph showing the incarceration rate under state and federal jurisdiction per 100,000 population 1925-2008. The data for the graph does not include inmates in jails. The male incarceration rate is roughly 15 times the female incarceration rate.