Drug and alcohol abuse is and has been a growing problem for the authorities all over the World. Drugs are becoming more easy and prevalent to anyone in the street to obtain. The dealers and pushers are always finding new and inventive ways to conceal the drugs from the authorities.

Quite often it is the family members that are last to know about their loved one taking drugs. Make sure to look for signs of odd or unusual behavior, to try and prevent or help them before it is too late. If you know someone needs help try to support them and encourage them to meet new friends that are not taking drugs or introduce them to different sports activities or encourage new interests to get them away from known associates taking drugs.

Dogs and X-ray machines

Well trained dogs are helping in the fight against drugs reaching the public. Each of these dogs is trained to find specific types of drugs. While the border patrols, and postal and shipping authorities use x-ray machines to pick up suspicious packages. Yet even though huge hauls are found, others still get through the network.

All drugs are not bad

Medical researches of drugs have found many to be useful. Treatments of infections have saved many lives with the use of vaccines and antibiotics. They aid in the prevention of diseases while some may be used to treat diabetes and lower blood pressures. Drugs affect the way our bodies work. Whether you swallow or inject them into your body they will work their way into your bloodstream and affect the way your brain works. It may affect you in several ways, slowing or increasing your ability to think and act in a normal way.

People are often coerced or encouraged with peer pressure to try or experiment with drugs. They think that drugs will make them feel better, or misled into thinking it will relax them. Often a person lacking in confidence is given a boost under the affects of a drug, so they will continue to take it to keep in with the crowd. Especially if they were a loner before taking drugs, while others will take them out of curiosity.

Drugs do not solve problems, they just create bigger ones. Drugs will not only affect the person taking them, but can destroy the lives of their families and friends as well as their own.

Some Types of Drugs and their affects:

Amphetamines – can stimulate the brain. Other names: uppers, speed and bennies

Effects- the heart rate, blood pressure, headaches and blurred vision

Cocaine- white powder made from cocoa plant leaves. Other names: coke, snow or nose candy

Effects- it stimulates the nervous system, giving them a boost of energy. It can also increase heart rate. This drug often causes death for first time users or teenagers.

Alcohol abuse

Alcohol and been around in one form or another for thousands of years. Back in those days many men were imprisoned or killed after creating their own illegal whisky stills. Today this thankfully does not happen in fact many people make their own home brew at home.

There are numerous types of alcohol, beer, whisky, rum, brandy, bourbon and many others. Alcohol has been responsible for the destruction of many marriages and family relationships. Like anything if taken in moderation it can be a refreshing social drink. One drink often leads to many more, and that is where the problem lies.

We are then no longer responsible for our actions. Some people become happy and jovial, while alcohol brings out the aggression and anger in others.

Effects- Alcohol stimulates or makes people relax. Larger quantities affect our better judgment and we often become confused and it slows down our reaction times. People have known to die from consuming too much alcohol.

Like with drugs, we can all become addicted to alcohol. We come to the stage where we are dependent on it, believing it will help us to handle the stress at work or responsibilities at home.

Alcohol Poisoning- this happens when someone consumes a large quantity in a short amount of time. Vomiting is a sure sign of alcohol poisoning. Watch out for any difficulty in breathing and seizures which could result in the people's death.

Teenagers are most at risk

All teenagers like to experiment, or think it makes them look and feel cool and misleadingly believe it will make them one of the boys. This is not at all true. In most cases if the truth were known, their so called mates enjoy the way it gives them control over their mate. In fact they laugh about it behind their backs.

Teenagers are more likely to fight or commit crimes while under the influence of alcohol than non drinkers.

Learn how to Say No

Do not become another statistic. Learn from those terrible statistics you hear about on your radio and television every day. Teenagers in the prime of their lives killed or maimed in accidents and drunken brawls. What a waste of a life.

If you do not believe this - go and visit your local hospital and see the results of what a night out on the town from taking drugs or alcohol can cause.

Help is available

Seek help if you have any drug or alcohol problems at all. Make a phone call, help is available and be reassured that there are other people suffering from this. You need to talk or communicate and share your problems with others going through this.