So the year is 2012 and house music has begun to dominate the music scene. This article will not relate house music to drug use – however I can say that drug usage has given house music a bad name. As a 25 year old who has gone to his fair share of festivals and club events I can say the vast majority of attendees go for more than the just the music. I`d say about 50% go just to pop a pill and dance they have just got into house due to its mainstream appeal and have gotten hooked on a pill.


At any of these events you can spot individuals on MDMA – what is it the purest form of ecstasy.


– Have I done MDMA – Yes – Will I do it again – Possibly – Do I do it regularly – NO


Read the above dialogue again – it is something you should process if you have kids. This drug is massive in Canada and the United States and everyone wants to try it at least once. This coupled with the fact Marijuana is wildly available I can guarantee drug usage will exponentially increase to a point where another `War on Drugs`is  explored.


Marijuana has basically become legal and can be widely available so I will not focus on it much – however MDMA is rising to that popularity I can say within the last month – 4 clubs – 4 times myself or one of my friends has been asked if they have MDMA. People want it – it is the in thing. I can say its popularity is comparable to crack cocaine – however the effects are much less severe.


I decided to write an article based on this topic due to the popularity – but if you are a parent reading this – relax. At work all I hear is parents fearful of their child using drugs – yes it may be scary but it will happen. Try to educate your child – do not try to use scare tactics by  showing them Intervention. Stuff like that does not work. As a parent you have to know that your child is more than likely going to try something once – hope that they will not do it with regularity that is key. A drug like Marijuana or MDMA is not detrimental in small doses it is when it is done on a regular basis that effects will occur.


My tips: have an open and honest relationship with your child – this is key on all forms, try to educated your child, if something is bothering you and you have concrete proof approach them, DO NOT FALSELY ACCUSE. Remember you were once young and did stupid things – afford your child the same amount of leeway.  Lastly, have faith that you raised them to use proper judgement.