A little bit about British Wicca and British Druidry.

Druidry and Wicca are indeed both British in origin, although both have spread to other parts of the world, just as people travel, so do faiths. Most outsiders would feel that this is where the similarity ended, after all, aren't Druids men and Wiccans, women? not at all. Wiccans and Druids both hold men and women in their ranks. Whether they did in Antiquity is not known. Since the Neo Pagan revival of the 21st century, Wiccans and Druids are starting to come together, and people are practicing both these beliefs and faiths. They both hold their own council at the moment, with the Druids having The British Druid Order, which is usually shortened to BDO.

The Druids beliefs are founded on Animistic and polytheistic belief. This means that the Druids believe that everything has a spirit.Druids are polytheists, meaning they believe in gods and godesses of their own and other faiths, hence a tolerance with in them for other faiths.

The British Traditional Wicca, founded in New Forest, UK. This, just to confuse you further, is NOT the same as British Traditional Witchcraft. The problem trying to understand Wicca is that all witches use the word Wicca, but with different spellings and meaning. Originally the word "Wicca" was a male witch, and "Wicce" was a female witch. At some point a group started using the word "Wicca" as a meaning for their select coven of witches. Just to add more complications, Neo groups and solitaries are now using the word Wiccan instead of witch as it is more accepted and gentler sounding, it holds less evil connotations. Although it is yet another step to blending and blurring the lines of history. British Traditional Wiccans will not accept anyone who can not prove their lineage.

Luckily for those that wish to choose the path of the Wica, which just means "The old Religion", there are other lineages other than Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca. 

Wicca is a duotheistic religion, serving the God and Godess, These are the Triple Goddess and The Horned God.

Druid and Wicca symbols

As you can imagine, although Druidry and Wicca hold different beliefs, they also have similarities. The main one being they both share a British and European heritage. Because of this shared home and hearth, many of the old symbols are claimed by both Religions. If the symbols belonged to the Celts, then they both have right claimage to the symbols, as the Celts were known for living their religion and not having it as seperate to their every day life as many faiths seem to be today.

With many Wiccans and Druids now merging, there may be a mutual future, they may celebrate their shared past homelands. With this they will share the symbols and meanings that were left in places like Stone Henge, and Ynys Mon ( Mona). Here are a few symbols and their meanings, so that you will understand the Druid and Wicca symbols better.





The triquetra

The Wiccans use this symbol to represent the power of 3. The symbol also represents the Maiden, Mother and Crone, The Triple Goddess.

The Tree of Life

The Druid tree of life symbol

The Tree of life is a very sacred Druid symbol, as the Tree is the doorway to the other realm. Druid itself means "Oak seeing", which in turn meant that Druids were people proficient in Tree magik. Wiccans also value the Tree of Life, as its roots reach down in to the bowels of the Earth, its body stays in this world, and the top reaches up to the skies. One of the shared symbols.

The wreath, or Druidic sigil.



The Druidic sigil

The Druidic sigil is not near as old as Celtic history. It was designed by David Fisher in 1963, it is the symbol for the American Reformed Druids, and is related to the Druids Goddesses. There are other, much older Sigils however.

Celtic shield knot


The Celtic Shield Knot

The Celtic Shield Knot is a warding and protection symbol. Being of Celtic history it would have belonged to both Wiccan and Druid history. The four sections represent the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and water. As there is strength when all elements are together. It is a ward for negative energies.

The Elven star


Last but by no The Elven star symbolmeans least, but I have to stop somewhere, is the Elven star. The Elven star is a seven point star, that reminds us of the importance of the number seven, as there are the seven energies, known as The Seven Rays. Seven is extremely Sacred to Wiccans and Druids alike. The Septagram is a very similar symbol.

Whatever direction Druidry and Wicca go, in the UK, I feel they are definately moving towards each other, and wonder if there will ever be a combining of forces. Will that make a new belief system or merely a stronger understanding of the old ways?