Drum shields are used to control the loud sounds created by drums. By containing the set in drum shields, the sound engineer is able to avoid the dominance of the drums which might cover the sound other instruments such as the acoustic or electric guitar. Instead of the full noise travelling to the audience, these drum shields bounce some of the noise back to the screen. They are often transparent and made from acrylic so that the drummer is visible to the audience. The use of these drum shields are not only confined to the professional bands, but is also increasingly used in churches and smaller performances. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using them and also places where you can buy drum shields at a low price.


The first advantage of using drum shields is to contain the sound of the drums during performances so that it does not overpower other instruments. As explained above, loud volumes would destroy the harmony in the song and destroy the acoustics of the band. This shows unprofessionalism and will cause loss of attention from the audience.

While drum shields can be used to control the volume, they could also be used to enhance the volume especially in outdoor venues. Instead of putting it in front of the set, put it behind so that it can help channel the music to the crowd.

Drum Shields

Drum shields are also used during practice to protect the hearing of other people. Imagine if your next door neighbour plays the drums every day. In your mind, you may think that he or she is annoying and inconsiderate to other people's feelings. With this protection, the noise emitted would be considerably less, thus not causing any complaints from neighbours or family members.


One disadvantage of using drum shields is that it may damage the drummer's hearing. Without ear plugs, the sound created will be reflected within the box straight to the drummer's ears. Because of the confined space, the reflected sound could be much stronger in frequency and would cause more harm compared to without using them. It would be advisable for you to wear better quality ear plugs to protect your hearing if you are thinking of using these protective barriers.

Where to buy Drum Shields?

There are many places where you can buy drum shields for sale. Using both online and offline resources, you should be able to find one that meets your budget. You can buy a 4, 5 or 6 panel one depending on your needs. The 5 panel one is the most commonly used one among drummers. The 4 panel one is for smaller sets while 6 is for larger sets. Here are some of the common places to buy drum shields to help you with your search.

Amazon.com - You can find a huge range of drum shields for sale on the Amazon website. There are many brands and materials for you to choose from such as Control Acoustics, Pennzoni and Remo. Amazon is well known to offer great discounts on their items, so buying one here would definitely save you a lot of money. Take for example this Control Acoustics 5 Piece Acrylic Shield. The retail price of this product is $729, but you can get it at $399, which is a 45% discount. Talk about good bargains! This set includes 5 pieces of 1/2 foot by 2 feet panels that do not require any assembly. With flexible hinges, it makes it easy to move around and transport.

eBay - You can also purchase used drum shields from eBay. Simply search for the term using the search function and it will return you with many results. You can buy new or used ones from this site. When buying used drum shields, do take note of any scratches that may be present on the surface. If you do not mind the minor defects, this is an option to consider so that you can save money. These scratches are purely aesthetic and will not affect its performance. Also, it is important for you to be clear about the shipping charges when buying from eBay. As these drum shields are heavy, you would be paying quite a high fee for it to be delivered to you. If possible, try to arrange a meet up to collect it if you are living close to the seller.

Music Stores - The music stores in your area might be another option to consider when buying drum shields. The larger stores might carry some stock on hand, so it would be a good idea to take a drive and visit them. While the choices may be less compared to what you get online, with physical stores, the good thing is that you can test them out before purchasing, so you can ensure that it is able to meet your requirements. If you are new to this, the owner of the store would also be able to recommend some popular models to you.

Other online stores - There are other smaller online stores which sell drum shields. A good way to discover them is to search for the brand that you want to purchase and look for the manufacturer's official website. From there, you can search for dealers in your area or even purchase them online.

DIY Drum Shields

If you are more of a handyman, you can even build your own drum shields. The materials that you need are Plexiglass or acrylic plastic for the panels, some hinges and nuts and bolts. Building your own would definitely save you a lot of money as you can get some of the materials at a cheap price. You can vary the number of panels depending on the size of your set. All you need to do is to fasten the hinges to the panels using the nuts and bolts. This DIY method provides you with an opportunity to customize you own drum shields whether in terms of height, thickness or number of panels.

Weigh up the good and bad of using drum shields and decide if they are right for you. Some people do not like to be confined to a small space as it restricts their hand movements while others may like it because of hype that they get from the loud noise.