In an age where websites are quickly being replaced by customizable Content Management Systems, Drupal emerges as the industry leader. While it's competition is more suited to simple websites and blogs, Drupal has the ability to customize and build a CMS with a complex back end. Drupal is Search Engine friendly and allows and aids SEO and Internet Marketers to get their sites the highest rankings possible. Many Web Developers and Web Development Companies are adopting Drupal as their primary software.

Drupal is an Open-Source Content Management System. It is free and is built on modular framework written in PHP. Drupal founder Dries Buytaert originally wrote it as a message board. Drupal became an Open-source project in the year 2001. The popularity of the Content Management System has grown exponentially since 2007 and now has an extremely large community of web developers contributing both to the core code and developing Modules.

The major advantage to Drupal is it's modular framework which allows external modules to be plugged in to the core code to provide advanced features. Drupal can be developed in to a very complex system including E-Commerce and all kinds of community type features by simply installing Modules developed by Drupal contributors. The flexibility of Drupal sets it apart from the rest of the pack. While this is the greatest feature or Drupal, it is also it's largest drawback. Since the learning curve is larger than other Content Management Systems, those seeking simple websites and blog management may be more suited to one of Drupal competitors. The use of contributed Modules such as CCK and Views has made the CMS much easier to customize and categorize and has helped with the learning curve associated with creating a website with Drupal.

The Search Engine friendliness has been praised by SEO and Internet Marketers. The site can be themed using different sets of template and css files allowing for minimal mark up code and Search Engine friendly layouts. Different sets of contributed Modules allow developers to have control over page titles, meta tags, sitemaps, Google Analytics, page URL's, ALT image tags, and much more. The article Drupal is Search Engine Friendly has a ton of useful information to help you understand how Drupal can help Internet Marketers.

Many Web Development companies around the world specialize in Drupal Development. Drupal has become first choice for many companies and a lot of larger corporations around the world have had their websites redesigned in Drupal. While it is easy for clients to manage their content, it is also easier for developers to work with contributed modules to customize the back end of a website rather than spend their time coding. If you fancy yourself a web developer you owe it to yourself to give Drupal a try.