Eye Dryness Causes And Treatments

For those who have experienced dry eyes, you are probably all-too-familiar with the dryness, burning, redness and general discomfort that you suffer from. Dry eyes can distract you from working, no matter what field you are in. Eyedrops, such as Visine can only provide temporary relief, if any. There is a broad range of discomfort that results from having dry eyes. This can span from mild dryness and irritation to painful and intense burning that can feel like a sunburn. This campaign can be intense and does not get relieved simply by closing your eyes. Sometimes, even the best eyedrops will fail to relieve dryness and the accompanying itching and burning. There are many different causes of dry eyes.

Causes Of Eye Dryness

Believe it or not, one of the most common causes of dry eyes is a history of eye surgery. LASIK surgery is one of the most common eye surgeries that can cause dryness, as is cataract surgery. Immediately after undergoing LASIK surgery, you will need to put eye drops in your eyes on a daily basis until they are able to heal. However, even long after the surgery and after your eyes have completely healed, you will inevitably experience periods of dryness. This can usually be easily treated using some high-quality eye drops. So what happens when there is no known cause of your eye dryness and over-the-counter eyedrops aren't helping?

Take a look at some of the medications that you are taking. Some medications may cause eye dryness or irritation. If you are unsure, ask your doctor or pharmacist if dryness is a side effect of any of your prescriptions. Evaluate your environment. Dryness can often be caused by excessive heating or cooling; both remove some of the natural moisture from the air, dehumidifier and yet which can cause your eyes to become dry. It may be beneficial if you put a humidifier near your desk or place where you work to help increase the level of moisture in the air around you. This may help provide you with both temporary and possibly long-term relief from eye dryness. In addition, be sure to recognize the dry eyes may be a normal sign of aging. If you have a new onset of dryness, be sure to make an appointment to see your doctor to rule out any serious or treatable causes.

Lacrimal Plugs And Restasis Eyedrops

You have probably already heard of the prescription Restasis drops. These eye drops do a little bit more than your typical over-the-counter eyedrops, by helping your eyes create more of their own natural tears. If you have already tried regular drops without success, consider finding out more about Restasis.

Another option to help treat chronic eye dryness is the insertion of tiny plugs in the corner of your eye. These plugs are called punctal plugs, or lacrimal plugs and are used to help maintain the moisture in the eye. These tiny plugs preventing your natural tears from draining from your eye, before they are able to provide you benefit. The insertion of punctal plugs is quick and painless and can be done during your doctors visit. Speak with your doctor to find out if lacrimal plugs are the solution to your chronic eye dryness.

Punctal Plugs And Eye Dryness

Punctal Plugs can reduce eye dryness.