If you love to run around bare foot, especially in the summer, then you are probably aware of dry heels. Or Cracked dry heels. These can look bad in your delicate summer sandals, and with them so hard, flaky and cracked, you wonder if you can ever see a soft heel again right?

Well you can.

Here is a great process to get rid of those dry heels, or cracked dry heels.

Gather up these materials before your date night with your feet, and you will be on your way to soft heels!

Things You Will Need

Here is what you will need

footbath, or tub to soak feet in

lavender essential oil (to help relieve stress and promote calm!)

heel cream (any make, just make sure it is designed for cracked dry heels)

pumice stone or wand (these are cheap in the drugstore)

soft fluffy towel

good cup of herbal tea

pair of white cotton socks (lightweight)

Step 1


If you have a foot bath, then this is great, if not, use a wash tub and fill with warm water and soak your feet, this will feel great.

If possible, this method works best at night, and what better way to send yourself off to a relaxing night then to cater to your dry heels! You can put a couple drops of lavender in your foot bath, make a cup of chamomile tea, and you can take care of some stress at the same time!

After you have given your feet a good soak. Get your pumice stone and give those heels a good rub. Place your feet back in the water. Give your other foot a good rub with the pumice stone too, and place back in the water.

After your soak and pumice rub down, take your feet out of the water and place on a thick absorbent towel. (Make sure it is nice a soft). Now take your foot cream, and slather it on your dry cracked heels.

Now take your cotton socks and put them on your feet, stretching them over your heels the best you can. This will lock in the moisturizer and not ruin your sheets.

Now go to bed.

By morning you can take off your socks, and your dry heels will feel better. This is not a one night process, this is something you can do every night. After a few nights of this spa like treatment your dry heels will begin to feel better.

In the meantime, try not to go bare foot, use slippers in the house, and shoes outside. Don't wear synthetic socks as they will not allow your feet to breathe which makes your dry heels worse. Wear cotton when you can.

Buy yourself a few pairs of socks for this nighttime treatment and different essential oils for the foot bath to calm your frazzled nerves and make you feel better. The electric footbaths are great too, as they will massage your feet as well as have a great soak. You can sit out on the patio with one of these and drink your herbal tea and read your favorite book.

Avoid the temptation to cut off dry heel skin, this can create an infection. If you have diabetes, then you should see a doctor before messing with your feet. If you are otherwise healthy, then try this treatment, it works well, not only on your dry heels but on your stress levels too!



Tips & Warnings