Dry shampoo for special hair needs
Credit: o5com via flickr

Dry shampoo (or "no rinse shampoo") is a wonderful bath and body aid that lets you wash hair without the need for running water. There are many situations where this type of shampoo is useful. For example, dry shampoo is perfect for persons with special hair needs that make regular showering difficult. It is very handy for persons on the go as well. Finally, this type of hair care product is also very useful for people who are bedridden due to injury, disability or old age. 

Dry shampoo comes in different forms. Some are liquid based while others are powder or foam based. The type of shampoo chosen depends on one's particular hair care need.

Special hair needs

Some people have very long hair or have their hair in special weaves, dreadlocks or other permanent styles. For these types of hair regular showering is a chore. Dry shampoo makes things easier as it can be applied to clean certain parts of the hair, or it can be applied for simple partial washing only. The powder form of this rinse-free cleanser is especially good at allowing custom hair styles to keep their shape.

Active lifestyles

If you are an athlete or avid camper then dry shampoo can keep you clean and fresh wherever you are. Let's say you ride your bike to work. If your workplace doesn't have a shower then dry shampoo and some moist wipes can freshen you up instead. Avid campers also can use dry shampoo and have clean, vibrant hair despite being on the trail or campsite.

Dry shampoo is particularly helpful for persons that travel a lot for work and do not always have access or time to shower. 

Special medical situations

Dry shampoo is especially useful for persons who for whatever reason can not take a normal bath or shower. This could be due to skin allergies or because of bedridden status. If you are caring for someone confined to their bed then dry shampoo can make health and personal care much easier. In this case, hair care can be done with minimal mess and without the person leaving their bed.


There are many dry shampoo choices available to fit different personal care needs and styles. For special hair care situations, dry shampoo provides a quick, unique no rinse solution.