There can be nothing more annoying than dry skin for those who suffer from it; therefore, many people seek dry skin remedies.

Dry skin usually affects those who are in drier and colder climates, especially those exposed to a great amount of forced air heat.

Since dry skin is a result of a lack of water in the skin, not oil, it does not as greatly affect those in nice humid climates.

If you are one of the many people who are looking for a solution to dry skin, then this article should provide you with some practical dry skin remedies.

Since dry skin is a result of a lack of moisture in the skin, it is reasonable to assume that one should want enough water on the inside.

While it is true that severe dehydration will cause the skin to be dry, simply drinking more water will not get it where it needs to go: the skin. Soaking in water will actually be much more effective in relieving your skin's dryness.

Although soaking in water will help with your skin's moisture, the water needs to be lukewarm. That holds true for any bathing; cooler water is better for your skin.

When one is done bathing, he or she should dry themselves by patting him or herself rather than rubbing. This will accomplish the level of dryness one desires before he or she applies a moisturizer.

A moisturizer was mentioned. Aha, the champion against dryness: the moisturizer. For this champ to be effective, it needs to be used habitually, beginning with after one pats him or herself dry.

Damp skin will allow the moisturizer to work much better than totally dry skin will; this is because the moisturizer can trap some of that dampness inside the skin, and isn't that the whole point? What type of moisturizer should one use?

The answer is that it is mainly personal preference; some people may wish to smell a certain way or not like the feel of another type of moisturizer. The truth of the matter though is that nothing works better than regular petroleum jelly or mineral oil.

For that matter, almost any vegetable oil will work well as a safe and effective, natural skin lubricant, not to mention they are less expensive than most other types of moisturizers.

Still, it boils down to personal preference. One final remedy to explore is oatmeal, which has been in use as a skin treatment for 4,000 years.

The key to oatmeal in one's bath is to use colloidal oatmeal, such as found in a pharmacy. This simply means that the oatmeal is ground so that it will remain suspended in the water.

Whatever the case, soap is not a friend of the skin. There are many dry skin remedies for one to try. Some are a matter of simply changing habits, and some are a matter of adding a moisturizer, according to personal preference. The bottom line is that no one need suffer from dry skin.