Everybody uses them.  They’re great to rid your clothes of static electricity, add a pleasant smell to any home and act as a filter for dirt and pollen.  I’m talking about Dryer Sheets!  Dryer sheets are small, affordable and come in a variety of scents.  They can be purchased at any grocery store, convenient store, and most laundry mats.  Besides offering a variety of uses, domestic housewives and mothers have used them for decades to help clean and dispose of nasty germs and unpleasant smells.  Below are the 3 most common ways to use the tiny sheet in a box.

     First, listen up college students; dryer sheets are great to put in your ac filter to add a pleasant smell to any dorm room or apartment space.  You can stick them (they can cling) on the central heat & air filter, staple or pin them (safety-pin) to the backs of cloth furniture, underneath chairs, on the backs of any oscillating fan, or even around ceiling fans.  Just take two rubber bands and wrap the dryer sheet around the blade and secure it on with two rubber bands.  It’s that simple. 

     Second, to freshen up any vehicle, just stick 2-3 dryer sheets in a sock and stick it in the back window of your vehicle.  If it’s too strong, stick it under any seat.   The heat from warm days will help activate the smell but if it’s during cooler weather, just stick them under the floor mats close to vents.  The heat from the heater will help activate the smells.  You can also place them in the glove compartment or in the pockets of the doors.  They’re so small they’re hardly noticeable.

     Lastly, I like to freshen up clothes by placing them in a plastic bag and punching tiny holes throughout the bag with a straight pin.  That way, the dryer sheets are contained and you’re freshening up your clothes at the same time.  You can do this again in the closets by wrapping the bag around the clothes hanger and hanging the bag in the front or back of your closet.  For shoes, just stick 2 to 3 in shoe box or small coffee cup and place in the bottom of your closet or wherever your shoes are stored.  The aroma will fill the space and help rid your shoes of foot odor.  They’re also good to help gym clothes stay stink free by placing a few in your gym bag or workout bag.  You can also place a couple in your luggage pieces and in the pocket of a handbag for a fresh smell.

dryer sheets