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Before we talk about the Dualaction cleanser specifically, let's talk in general about having a colon cleanse at home and the best colon cleanse products.

First, I have found that colon cleansing has really worked for me. My first colon cleanse experience was not with Dual action or any other home bought colon cleansing product. I went to a resort in Thailand and did a 3 and a half day detox and cleanse. I was pretty scared and sceptical at first. The resort in Thailand was quite basic and you had to do the colon cleanse yourself...that have to put a tube up your bottom and allow water to come's the strangest feeling. But after my first cleanse, when you feel all this mucky trash from your body coming out and you are left light-headed, but almost high, I never looked back. Now, when I've been overindulging or working too hard, I try to go on a 30 day colon cleanse. Because I'm too busy and don't want to spend the money or time visiting a health resort to do it, I have been using colon cleanser products. So, I would say the biggest benefit of the dual action cleanser is that you can take it at home, you only need to take it for 30 days (in fact, you must not take the colon clear formula for any longer...the total body purifier can be taken regularly however). That has its downsides too and I'll mention those later.

Why Dual Action Cleanse vs other similar products?

Dual Action Colon Cleanser has its own proprietary formula with 22 fibers and herbs which help your system clean itself out (yes, that means going to the toilet more regularly than usual and you get all the bad stuff out!). The herbs include feel seeds, beetroot, lemon peel, elm bark, garlic and apple pectin that help clean out but also soothe your intestines. I also like the way the Dualaction cleanser is not quick fix...the course lasts 30 days so it doesn't try to flush everything out too quickly


So does Dual Action cleanser work? Honestly, I would say that if you do not have any digestive problems, you have a healthy diet with a good daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables you probably do NOT need a total colon cleanse solution like Dualaction. Especially if you have regular, painless and soft bowel movements and do not overeat. It's simply not necessary to colon cleanse at home or with additional colon cleansers or other supplements so save your money and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

The other downside I would say is that I have done a similar colon cleanse and overall detox session in a spa in Thailand as mentioned. Doing it in a spa, away from home and the temptations oozing out of your fridge and local supermarket, makes the whole cleansing experience a lot easier. With Dual Action cleanser, you are supposed to take the supplements for 30 days. That involves self-discipline, a commitment and it's a little embarrassing sometimes if you need to expel and you might not be at home. On the Dual Action cleanser you might have to visit the bathroom 2-3 times a day depending on how much stuff you have built up inside.

That might seem like a small sacrifice to pay for cleaning out your body, but, it's one thing to say you'll keep taking the colon clear formula for 30 days straight and put up with the regular toilet visits and cleansing out, but it's another thing actually doing it.

Full Review

It is said that adults in America are carrying 5 to 10 pounds of extra poop (fecal matter) in their digestive systems. That is a lot of potentially toxic waste to carry around.

Adults do not eat as much fruit and vegetables as they used to, and they cramp their stomachs with starchy, processed food that the body needs a long time to break down. This means the body is unable to process the waste material in our bodies efficiently enough for when the next mouthful of full is passed down the system.

It's basic pumbing. You are filling your body's food and waste pipes with more and more trash which produces toxins can may cause the body harm. Potential side effects may include headaches, weight gain, allergies, skin irritations and acne and even more serious problems such as colon cancer.

It's important to cleanse your system, 'unblock' the body's pipes and poop out all the bad, old stuff.

The Dual Action Cleanser has been designed to do just that. It's a natural colon cleanser consisting of two complementary products: the Colon Clear Formula which is diesnged to enhance the elimination of waste matter. In other words, it helps all the bad pooh come out. Plus the Total Body Purifier which helps to purify your blood, improve your blood circulation and stimulate cleansing.

But do they work? Here is my personal experience with at home colon cleansing and the Dual Action colon cleanser. Please note that not all experiences are typical and that you should conduct your own research.

In Closing

If you do feel sluggish, your belly is kinda full a lot of time and you do not have good bowel and diet habits, then yes, it feels great to have a good old cleanse of the colons once in a while. The feeling is unbelievable. But you don't have to use Dual Action cleanser. Just eating lots of raw food and fresh fruit and skipping the caffeine and sugary drinks will go a long way without any supplements. For lazy folk like, I guess you could say I cheated by using a herbal colon cleanse supplement but I can say I certainly felt a difference once I had undergone a thorough colon cleansing and detox period. You know how it feels sometimes to have a big poop and get everything out? Well it's like this but you feel ten times the waste come out of your system. But as I said, you could get this feeling naturally anyway.

So you shouldn't have to do this regularly, but it's good once in a while if you're too busy, lazy or indisciplined to have an all-natural colon cleanse. For best results, you need to combine it with overall lifestyle changes. This isn't a miracle cure after all. For me, the result of a course of Dual Action colon cleanse was that I felt great, I lost weight and I felt light again.