When you decide to go on vacation, and a lot of driving is required, kids often become bored pretty fast. So not only can driving a long distance make for a physically exhausting trip, kids asking if we're there yet can be mentally exhausting as well. Dual screen portable DVD systems for cars make it easier to the past time for long drives, and keep the little kids happy and statisfied. They're small enough for car use, and the two screens allow everyone to view the latest hot blockbuster rental. Well, outside the driver obviously. Small sized DVD players can be mounted to your car, and you can enjoy your favorite music tunes, or upload some digital photos. Dual screen ones seem to be the most popular and convenient for travel purposes in general. Prices aren't too high for these quality entertainment systems. If you shop online then you can get good deals on refurbished DVD players, and used ones as well. Down below are some of the popular electronic brands that are selling two screen portable DVD players.

Philips Dual Screen Small DVD Players for Cars

Philips is one of the largest electronic companies worldwide. You can find some pretty good deals on used and refurbished Philips DVD players for cars. Philips products are not only of high quality, but they always seem to be relatively cheap too. Some of the features include a MP3 audio, two head phone ports, and a dolby digital sound system. This is the ideal road two screen small DVD system that can be mounted onto your car, and allow the kids to watch their favorite movies. It should keep them occupied during long car rides. Instead of asking "are we there yet", they'll be too busy indulging in the latest movie to come out on DVD. Prices aren't too bad. At retail prices, these go for over a $100 dollars. If you want to save some money, then you can purchase it used or refurbished. Good deals are going online at buy.com, greeks.com, cowboom.com, and compuvest.com.


Philips PB9011/37 9-Inch 1080p Portable DVD Player
Amazon Price: $349.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jan 28, 2016)

Sylvania DVD Players for Cars

Sylvania provides decent portable players to purchase. A quality picture and nice sound is included with their products. Two screens make it easier so kids don't fight over each portable TV screen. Prices are also reasonable for a brand new Sylvania two screen DVD system that can be used for cars. Some of the key features include built-in speakers, remote control, MP3 and CD compatible, and two sets of stereo ear phones. It's a 7 inch screen screen that doesn't take up much room in your vehicle. The straps easily allow you to attach to a headrest of the car. You can get a great deal if you shop online at ebay and 6th avenue electronics. Brand new dual screen portable DVD systems for cars that cost under a hundred dollars.

Sylvania SDVD8737 7-Inch Dual Screen Portable DVD Player
Amazon Price: $158.38 $64.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jan 28, 2016)

The Best Coby DVD Players for Cars

Some of the most popular and top rated portable DVD players to buy for cars has to be Coby portable DVD players. A 7 inch screen dual widescreen provides two stereo earphones, two AC adapters, a remote control, and integrated stereo speakers. The sound and picture is great. You won't have to worry too much about picture distortion or have much difficulty hearing audio. It's almost like watching movies at home, the picture quality is pretty crisp. Prices are a little high, going over a hundred dollars online. There's nothing wrong with spending a little extra money to get a decent portable DVD player that will actually work. You can purchase online at amazon, and buy.com.

Coby TFDVD7752 7-Inch Portable DVD Player
Amazon Price: $179.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jan 28, 2016)

RCA Dual Screen Portable DVD Players for Cars

RCA two screen DVD systems might be a little more expensive than your average 7 inch dual screen TV player. It's an 8 inch dual screen, providing a slightly bigger picture. There has been mixed reviews on the quality of sound and its inability to work after while, according to some customer reviews. The picture seems to work fine according to most, though. Some of the features include DVD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and JPEG compatible, built-in rechargeable batteries, repeat program feature, and a headrest mounting kit included. You can find good deals going online at antonline, sears, and buy.com.