The Usefulness of Dual Sim Phones

dual sim phonesA dual-SIM phone is a phone that holds two SIM cards. This allows the use of two different cell service providers at the same time. Only one phone, for example, would be needed with a business mobile number and a personal mobile number.

If traveling a person could insert a foreign SIM card while leaving their native SIM card in the phone. Phone manufacturers stayed clear of dual-SIM phones for some time due to pressure from service providers who wanted to keep their customers using their service in all situations.

An early version of the dual-SIM phone was created by a dual-SIM holder which attached to the back of the battery holding two SIM cards at one time. Next the dual-SIM adapter was developed. This adapter slid into the SIM slot and held two SIM cards at once. Both of these concepts created a standby dual-SIM phone. The use of these holders and adapters required restarting the phone when you wanted to use the second SIM card. Recently produced dual-SIM phones are mostly active dual-SIM phones. These phones have two SIM card slots allowing simultaneous use of two SIM cards making the concept a seamless one in use.

The First Dual Sim Phone

benefon twinBenefon manufactured the Benefon Twin, which was the first true dual-SIM phone, in the year 2000. Models have come out from several manufacturers since. Nokia, Samsung Unnecto, Plum, HTC, Spice, Intex and Eyo to name a few. The choices are growing now that the technology exists to make dual SIM cards practical. The appeal and popularity of dual-SIM phones tends to be limited to Latin America, Asian and other developing markets. The main reason for this would be the competitive rates a user could get in one service as opposed to another which is offering them another better rated service. The United States generally has a one size fits all large or unlimited bucket of minutes, messaging and data. It's not likely dual-SIM phones will catch on in the U.S.

The Best Dual Sim Phone

LG Optimus Net Dual

LG optimus net dualThe LG Optimus Net Dual is widely considered to be the best dual SIM mobile right now, although it is not considered one of the cheap android phones. It weights only 102 g. It has a 3.2inch capacitive touch screen. The image quality is excellent. It has a 150 MB internal storage space, but there is no need to worry. There is a MicroSD slot available which allows you to expand the phones storage to up to 32 GB.

The camera is with its 3.15 megapixel a little weak, but it's still good if you consider all the additional features. The camera supports geo tagging, auto focus and much more. The battery life is not quite good either. Since this phone comes with the Android OS already installed, this is no surprise. Android phones always were famous for draining the battery quicker than most notepads. You get about 5.5 hours of talking time or 330 hours of stand by with a fully charged battery.