The most well-known city in UAE (United Arab Emirates) is Dubai. It is considered to be the most excellent international place to purchase one of the precious metals in the world – gold – due to the low Dubai gold rate. Majority of these precious metals are imported from other countries; however, the reason why this place is the first choice of shoppers is because any product purchased here are tax-free. People refer to this place as the “City of Gold”, and Dubai gold rate varies everyday and is acquired from the National Bank of Dubai. You can see prices displayed in gold shops, and these precious metals are sold based not on their design, but on their weight.

A must-see attraction if you plan on visiting Dubai is the Gold Souk. Make sure to bring lots of money so that you can bargain on Dubai gold rate purchases which are expected for their value to go up over time due to the increasing price of these precious metals.

The most excellent time to head down to the Dubai gold rate markets is during the late afternoon as the sun is no longer harsh for one’s skin. In case you are checked in at one of the city’s beachfront hotels, then you would be happy to know that they provide free shuttle bus rides to their guests going to the Deira markets, and these scheduled trips usually take place in the afternoon. You can go shopping there for precious metals even after the sun has set since majority of the shops there are usually open until 10 in the evening. Majority of visitors seem to only head down there after sundown.

The major difference that the gold market in Dubai has over other market places is the low Dubai gold rate. The Dubai gold rate is lower by as much as sixty percent compared to other gold market places like in Europe, for example. This is totally unbelievable!

Dubai has an annual shopping festival which takes place between January and February. This would be the perfect opportunity to get a good deal on Dubai gold rate. Lasting for 32 days, this celebration attracts a lot of visitors from different parts of the globe, which means that the city would be cramped with a lot of people looking for a bargain. There is a small version of this celebration that happens every July and is typically less crowded since the weather is extremely hot during that particular time of the year.

The Dubai Gold Rate

The following are the values as of today, March 4, 2011:

·               18 carat = 131.75
·               22 carat = 161.50
·               24 carat = 172.25
·               gold bar = 19,830

The Dubai gold rate yesterday, March 3, 20011, was exactly the same. Now is that perfect time in our lifetime to buy precious metals as all the other once certain values as real estate and banks are facing big problems and as the history shows –  while precious metals will remain always precious