Play These Duck Dynasty Inspired Games at Your Party

Is there someone in your family who loves Duck Dynasty?  Perhaps s/he has decided that it will be the theme for the next birthday bash hosted at your home.  If you are in charge of the party, what kind of games can you play that will tie into the Duck Dynasty theme?

When planning activities for a birthday party, remember to keep it age appropriate and make sure that they are not too hard or too easy to play.  You do not want tears when it is too hard nor do you want boredom if the game is too easy!  Bored children will try to do something to keep from being bored, and that means trouble.

Here are some Duck Dynasty party games that are easy to create and play.

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Pin the Hair on the Beard


Large piece of poster board with an image of one the Robertson’s enlarged on it

Large cotton balls

Wet glue


Similar to pin the tail on the donkey, you need to blindfold the children. Hand then a cotton ball that has been dipped in glue and have them place in on the beard. It will be funny to see where they land!

Frog Hunt


Duck Dynasty Party GamesCredit:

Plastic frogs

Sacks for holding the frogs

Jase Robertson’s favorite thing to do is to go frogging.  He gets great joy at capturing these slimy creatures and bringing them home for his mom, Miss Kay, to cook up. 

While you won’t be cooking up what the kids catch, they can keep what they find as party favors. Give each child a camouflage paper sack to keep their bounty.  Scatter these plastic frogs around your yard and let the games begin! Place some in obvious spots and others in hard to find places to make it more challenging.

Here Are the Frogs

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These come in vibrant colors that will be easy to find in your yard.

Frogs-The Other White Meat

Duck Pond Races


Rubber duckies-one for each child

Bucket or pail or water for each team

Large wooden or plastic spoons (the ones you use for cooking)

Divide the children into teams and give each child his/her own rubber duck.  Give the first person in line a large wooden or plastic spoon and have her place the duck on it.  The child has to run with the duck to the bucket of water and place it in there.   Then they run back to their team and hand the spoon to the next child, who puts his/her duck on the spoon.  Repeat until you have a winner. The kids can keep the ducks as party favors.

Other ways you can use plastic ducks:

Duck Toss Have kids stand close to each other and toss the duck.  Take a step backwards and toss it again.  See who can catch and toss the furthest.

Hot “Potato” Use a rubber duck as the object to pass around.

Duck Eating Contest (for older kids)


Marshmallow Peeps

Paper plates

Wipes for sticky faces

Place three Peeps on each plate.  Not using their hands, have each child eat the Peeps as quickly as possible.

These Ducks Are Dressed for the Party

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These ducks are dressed like the Robertsons-in camouflage!


Hitting the piñata is a classic children’s party game.  This bumblebee comes from the episodewhere the Robertsons went looking for wild honey.  When Si and Phil were growing up, they had their own beehive where they got fresh honey. Everything they ate came from the land.

Luckily, this bee won’t sting you!  Again, you can use the camouflage bags to keep the goodies.

Fun for Everyone

Bumble Bee Pinata
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This pinata holds lots of candy.To fit the them, use Bit O'Honey, gummy frogs and anything jellied like Chuckles (Phil makes mayhaw jelly on the show).

These Duck Dynasty party games will give your guests some downhome fun.