Food to Prepare and Serve at Your Duck Dynasty Themed Party

One of the co-stars of the A&E reality show Duck Dynasty is not a person.  It is the food they eat.  Every single episode involves food in the primary story or in the background story.  Every episode ends with the family sitting around the table together, with Phil saying grace before they commence whatever Miss Kay prepared.

Phil and Si grew up in a family of seven siblings.  Money was always tight, and if they did not grow or hunt for food, they went hungry.  They fished, hunted, and gathered for their daily meal, and their mom would even give them permission to skip school in order to obtain food. The Robertsons never went over the maximum amount permitted by the school district, although they did come close.

Miss Kay grew up in her grandma’s kitchen. Her parents were both too busy running the family store and earning a living, so Kay learned everything she ever needed to know about cooking from her Meemaw.  It gives her much pride and joy to provide meals not only for her family, but for her friends and even the production crew of Duck Dynasty!

Willie, the CEO of the family Duck Commander business, got in trouble while in junior high school because he was selling candy cheaper than the school vending machines.  The principal called his parents and that was the end of that venture.

If you are planning a party for the Duck Dynasty fan, here are some great menu options from snacks to dessert.


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Snacks to Serve

When guests arrive at your party, you will want them to have a little nosh, but not overfillthemselves on appetizers.  Bowls of themed food will take the edge off their appetite without ruining it.

Fill bowls with green gummy frog, and “mallow dogs” marshmallows in hot dog buns (fans will know that this is from the duck hunting eve episode where Willie “roughed it” in his RV).

For a salty snack, serve a party mix and add little yellow duck candies to it. It will make it “pop” with a bit of sweet and a splash of color.

Of course, you will be serving sweet tea as a beverage choice, although Korie said in a recent interview that the Robertson men drink theirs unsweetened.


Yellow Duck Candy for Your Snack Mix

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Forget the M&Ms, this is the finger food you will want to put out in bowls!

Camping With Willie

The Main Course

What kind of food can you serve for your Duck Dynasty menu?

Duck Dynasty Sis Tea Cup Party Lights Set

What kind of food can you serve for your Duck Dynasty menu? 

Here is where you get to be creative and find your inner Miss Kay. You can serve:

Biscuits and honey Miss Kay promises Phil he will get some “honey on his biscuits” if he does something for her. He always does what Miss Kay wants, as he adores her.

If you really want to get into the spirit, buy some mayhaw jelly to spread on the biscuits.  Phil  taught his grandkids how to make this as he was trying to give them a lesson on patience.

Ham “sammich” In the Season 4 Halloween episode of Duck Dynasty, Godwin shared that his last meal choice would be a ham sandwich.  You can use duck cookie cutters and make them into little ducky shapes.

Frogs legs and duck wings You really will be serving chicken wings.  You can season them with some Duck Commander Cajun seasoning.

Fried Chicken Willie loves this and Miss Kay put her famous recipe in her latest cookbook.

Sweet Potato Pie This is Jase’s favorite dish that his mom makes for dinner.  He even put up allof her Christmas decorations just to get this at the end of the day.

Baked Beans This is the dish preferred by the youngest Robertson, Jep.

Okra Uncle Si is voicing this vegetable in the newest Veggie Tales DVD entitled Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas.


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Duck Dynasty Desserts

It wouldn’t be a party without serving dessert.  You have so many choices, be sure to leave enough time for your guests to digest their main course so they have room for these yummy desserts.

Camouflage Cupcakes are easy to make.  You can wrap them a camouflage cupcake liner or use the colors green or yellow.

Don't Forget the Cupcake Rings

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The inside of the cupcake may be camouflage, but guests will not know that until they bite into them. To make them fit into your Duck Dynasty theme, top each cupcake with a ring that has a picture of one of the family members.

How to Make Camouflage Cupcakes

More Desserts for Your Party

Duck Dynasty Happy Party Lights SetIf you do not want to make cupcakes, then prepare a large sheet cake with a Duck Dynasty cake topper. Fast and easy!

Miss Kay is also famous for her banana pudding recipe.  This is simple and easy to make, and is a must have for your dessert table!

You can make “squirrel brains” from a brain chocolate mold or a large Jello mold. Remember, Miss Kay says that “squirrel brains make you smart.”

They men of Duck Commander have often spoken about their love of donuts.  These are easy to buy and set out on the dessert table.

Miss Kay's Squirrel Brains

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Make Duck Shaped Cookies

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Use your favorite roll out sugar cookie recipe to make duck shaped cookies. Ice them in camouflage colors or in bright yellow with camo inspired sprinkles. These can also be wrapped up and place in goody bags.

Planning the Duck Dynasty menu for your party is not a difficult chore.  Miss Kay is a good cook, but she is not one to serve fancy "yuppie" food (Phil would not permit that!)  Make the menu easy for you so you can enjoy the festivities, too.