Duck Dynasty: The Robertson's

While I despise reality shows and their artificially crafted drama and scripted plots, there is something about Duck Dynasty which has really caught my interest. I actually enjoy watching the goofy redneck, millionaires as they live their undoubtedly scripted lives. It’s my new guilty pleasure, and I think if you give the show a try, it may become yours, as well. I have come to grips with my hypocrisy for these four reasons:


  1. At Least the Script Results in Humor – While it is clear that many of the scenarios depicted in Duck Dynasty are scripted and predetermined, there is something redeeming about the scripted scenarios resulting in humor (and not the cliché drama.) I know the scenarios filmed aren’t occurring organically, but at least they make me laugh, and not cringe at the selfishness of pouty, rich kids.
  2. Family Values are Reinforced Throughout the Show – The Duck Dynasty is the only reality show that ends with a family dinner. It is also one of the few reality shows that focus on relationships between brothers, and between grandparents and their grandchildren. This reality show takes an interesting approach in reinforcing the importance of family values (regardless of how wealthy the family is.)
  3. 3. Uncle Si – If you can understand him, you’ll love him. Unfortunately the former isn’t always guaranteed. Uncle Si is proof that every family, regardless of wealth and fame, has at least one crazy uncle lurking in the family tree. This uncle just happens to have a very prominent role in a popular reality show.
  4. How Can You Hate a Show Whose Main Character’s Catch Phrase is, “Happy, Happy, Happy.” –I have yet to watch Duck Dynasty (with a first time viewer) where they didn’t at least smile when they heard Phil Robertson say, “happy, happy, happy.” It’s comforting to see a person and a family that garners so much happiness from the small things. The Robertson family is able to enjoy the same hunting, fishing, and family time that existed before their wealth. This is a pleasant departure from the typical reality show, where shopping and extravagant vacations are the main sources of happiness for the spoiled cast.


If these reasons haven’t convinced you that Duck Dynasty is different from a typical reality show, I dare you to watch at least one ten minute clip the next time you are flipping through the channels. If the show doesn’t make you “happy, happy, happy” I would be thoroughly surprised.