Duck Hunting from September to January

Alaska is known for its big game hunting.  Most people don’t realize that this state has great waterfowl hunting.  The massive coastline across Alaska makes it prime hunting grounds for both dabbling and diving ducks.  Being so far north the waterfowl season is one of the earliest in the country opening up in September and lasting through the end of the year.  With a bag limit of 7-8 ducks it’s hard to beat.  Waterfowl hunting this far north in coastal areas is much different than hunting in land locked states.  The environment is very rough on gear and hunters.  It forces Alaskan duck hunters to be creative and think outside the box. 

Many factors separate Alaska from other duck hunting locations.  In coastal areas tides are your biggest opponent.  Tides cause the water level to differentiate up to 20 feet between a high and low tide.  This means at low tide the water will go out and come back in at high tide 6 to 7 hours later.  Many people in the lower 48 don’t realize the effect tides have on hunting.  They have major impacts on the planning and logistics of your hunt.  When the tide is low you will have no place to put your decoys.  At high tide you may only have decoys floating for 3-4 hours before the water goes out.  Tides cause you to think ahead and be strategic when it comes to planning your hunt.

Duck Hunting in Alaska

The best duck hunting spots in Alaska are not accessible by road.  Boats becomes the option of choice.  Your boat is mainly used for transportation.  There are many locations where your boat can be converted into a great hunting blind.  Boats are another part of hunting in Alaska that play a role into your planning and logistics.  When using a boat you will need to make sure you have plenty of fuel, life jackets, oars, extra fuel line, dry bags to store gear in, tide book, some sort of GPS device, extra line, anchor, and a float plan letting others know where you are hunting and when you expect to return home.

Alaska Duck Hunting

The environment you experience in Alaska will differentiate month to month during the season.  Your biggest factors will be rain and day light.  Coastal areas tend to have an abundance of rain.  This will force you to think about the type of gear you use.  The cold weather gear you use in the lower 48 may not work in Alaska once it is completely soaked.  You must have water proof gear.  This includes your storage bags, outer layers, and gloves.  Day light disappears fast in Alaska.  You may have short hunting days with only 5 to 7 hours of daylight.  This will depend on the location and time of season that you hunt.  The further north you travel the shorter days you will have. 

Duck hunting in the last frontier will be an adventure you will not forget.  There is no better place to hunt in the early part of the season and have the opportunity to bag 7 to 8 ducks a day.  Alaska presents many different factors from the lower 48.  You want to spend a lot of time with the planning and logistics of your hunt.  This will make for a more enjoyable experience.  


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