Many people love Ducks Unlimited art prints for their homes, offices, and cabins.  They are quite popular among outdoorsmen and women, or just about anyone into nature and animals.  In this article, I would like to go over some of the artwork you will find for sale from Ducks Unlimited, where you can find it, and what you can expect to pay, whether you looking for a singed, autographed, and numbered print, or something that is limited edition.

Popular Pieces from Ducks Unlimited Art Collection

Black Duck Bounty:  This one shows multiple birds descending from flight and nearing a land into the water.  It has been popular for quite some time and can be found for sale in a number of different places, including eBay and through artwork websites online.

Deadwood Pond Mallard:  This shows several birds flying low over the shiny water, with reflections from the mallards and the dead trees in the background.  This one is pretty cheap compared to others, but lacks much for color, if that is important to you. 

The Beginning:  It shows two Canadian geese up close, with several others in the background, swimming in the water.  There is a subtle fog over the water, similar to what you would expect to see very early in the morning.  This one caught my attention as I was looking at it.  I really think this one would like nice hanging up on my wall.

Afternoon By Pond:  It features a pair of ducks, in a pond, with some Lilly pads just in front of them.  The water is a little rippled in front of the birds, which suggests there was at least one other swimming in front of them.  This one would look really good in your den or living room and would match almost any outdoor or natural décor.

Wings Of Sunrise:  This Ducks Unlimited artwork print shows three geese flying low over the water, in a marshy area, with a sunrise starting in the background.  If bought unframed you can actually get this one for about $5.  Despite the cheap price, it is a very nice piece.

A Day In The Marsh:  This one shows 4 dogs with a duck decoy in front of them.  The Labradors are sitting in a marshy area, in the marsh grass, with water in the background.  It is one that has been around for a long time and can be seen in many homes.

Canvasbacks In Autumn:  You can find this Ducks unlimited art print for under 100 dollars, if you look around a little.  The birds are flying into a strong headwind, just above the whitecap covered water, with bent marsh grass in the background.

Prep School:  Originally done in 1998, this painting features a couple of black lab puppies playing and a wooden Ducks Unlimited box. There are several duck decoys in the drawing as well, and another little puppy outside of the box.

Beam’s Creek:  As is the norm, this one features a black lab with a recovered duck in front of it, just onto the land, with a pond in the background.  This is a more recent addition to the Ducks Unlimited artwork print collection.

Pooped:  One of my favorites, it shows a dog with his head rested against a saddle.  It is simple, but really neat.  You can buy this print for about 125 dollars.

John Deere 4020:  This one features a young boy and girl on a pedal tractor with trailer.  A small puppy is inside the trailer.  It would go great in a child’s room or in any room with a tractor, farm, or John Deere theme.

Best Places to Shop

There are several places you will be able to find all kinds of Ducks Unlimited art prints for sale. Some are cheaper than others, but most are very reasonably priced as far as artwork goes.  You will not always find new reprints on all of the sources, but you will have a chance to find a good used one, if nothing else.

eBay:  You can find new and used Ducks Unlimited artwork on eBay.  You will find the sellers are sometimes dealers and sometimes are just regular people looking to change out the pictures hanging on their walls.  Prices are all over the place, with some going for 25 dollars or less.  If you are only willing to go as high as $50, you will most likely have to settle for something that is not framed or is used.  Since the frame helps to make it look much nicer, it might be a good idea to buy one that is framed and ready to be hung up on the wall.  Most prices are very reasonable.

Amazon:  You will find different Ducks Unlimited art prints on Amazon, most of which are pretty cheap.  You will be able to find many of them, brand new, for around $40 or less.  This is a good value and you will find some of the most popular paintings they have ever printed.  If you are open to several of the different paintings they have printed over the years, you are likely to see at least one or two that catch your attention.

Artwork Sites:  There are tons of online art collectors that sell them.  By just doing a quick search, you are sure to find multiple websites that have a picture or two for sale, often at pretty competitive prices, although not super cheap.  They are a good place to look for Ducks Unlimited art prints for sale.

Ducks Unlimited Events:  Attend an authorized event when it happens in your area.  You will be able to buy some of the newest and nicest prints of all, some of which are limited edition and signed by the artist and numbered.  Best of all, they usually have drawings for them, so you just might end up having your name called and winning one of them.  That would be a great way to get your hands on Ducks Unlimited art prints.