Duct tape crafts are a great way to use your creativity and have a product that can be used right away when you are done.  I call this “useable art” You can totally make each piece your own one of a kind that you can use daily and show off. 

It is very strong and sticky making it easy to glue one piece to another without adding glue, and now comes in many other colors besides the traditional grey or black.  You can create simple and fast projects or more intricate ones with different patterns, but one thing for sure is the strength of this tape.  If you worry that your phone case will fall apart, it won’t!  It is water resistant and will wipe clean.  You can make things for yourself or for gifts and these are great crafts for kids and adults.  Once you make sheets out of this tape it is strong enough for a tote bag, so no worries about it tearing or falling apart it is not like masking tape.

Check out the video below for a more detailed instruction tutorial.  But once you have mastered this little pouch that you can use for a phone case or anything, you can see how easy it would be to create other pouches for pencil crayons and more. 

Supplies Needed

You can cut duct tape with scissors, but this can create a problem if you need to do a lot of cuts.  Since the tape is gluey and sticky the scissors will become sticky making the edge not so sharp.  If you are supervising kids with these crafts, they can use the scissors for a few cuts, but will then need to be cleaned.  The knife will make a cleaner cut.

You will make a cleaner cut if you use a blade such as an X-acto knife

You also need a self healing board, that you can stick your tape to and still peel it back off.  You can use freezer paper, but you will need to tape this down.  These self healing mats are perfect for cutting on and for duct tape crafts of all kinds as you need to be able to peel it off and move it around.  This also protects the table surface from harm.  Once you get hooked on these crafts, you will find one of these mats a great investment.

X-acto Knife or scissors

Self healing mat or table surface protection

Ruler (or if using the self healing board, it has measurements on it)

Lots of colorful duct tape

Velcro dots


how to make a duct tape phone caseCredit: amazon.com How to make a duct tape phone caseCredit: amazon.com how to make a duct tape phone caseCredit: amazon.com

Creating “sheets” of tape is simply done by cutting a piece then cutting another piece and placing it on the other side and sticking it down.  You keep doing this until you have created the sheet size you want.  You then trim off any excess sticky tape.  Once two sides have been created you have a “sheet” of tape that is very strong and ready for your crafts.

how to make a duct tape phone caseCredit: amazon.com
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This is very strong and now can create anything you want.  You can get creative with the different colors, or simply go plain.  You can create little bows or glue on some bling afterwards.  In this video, she uses a Velcro dot for closing the phone case or pouch.

How to Make a Folding Duct Tape Phone Case - With Card Slots

There are different ways to create a case or pouch for your phone.  The one above is more of a pouch, but the video below shows you how to create a more intricate folding case with card slots.  A little bit more involved but works for a Smart Phone.

You can create these in different patterns and the sky is the limit for making your duct tape phone case your very own creation.  These can be simple or as complex as you want but at the end are pretty tough and will last a long time.

You will get hooked once you get started on these duct tape crafts.  Most craft stores will carry the different patterns if you want something other than the traditional grey or black.  But you can also get a bundle of patterns online.  It is worth comparing.  You can mix and match patterns there are no rules. 

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You can also get books that will inspire you to try something even bigger than a cell phone case.  You can cover your binders, make book bags, and even beach bags.  I love the idea of a beach bag, because it will be water resistant and easy to clean.  There are so many really cool projects you can make with this versatile tape. 

It has always been in our home tool box for quick repairs, but now has lots of uses!  If you can’t find a personalized phone case you like then make one with duct tape.

Decorate Your Existing Phone Case with Duct Tape

Maybe you don’t want to create a case from scratch?  There are some other options to personalize yours by using duct tape in different colors.  Check out the video.  She takes a plain case and then covers it with strips of tape.  (Make sure your case is clean and not oily or the tape might bubble).  You could make a few of these and change them out each day.

If your existing case is scratched or worn, covering it with a pattern of duct tape would definitely bring it back to life, and you can show it off. 

Hope this has inspired you to get creative!