Duct Tape Kitchen Floor (32805)

Remodeling your kitchen floor with duct tape is a quick and easy way to improve your whole quality of life. Even if you can't afford a full kitchen floor remodel, for about $25 worth of duct tape, you can have an improved floor that boosts your spirits and makes the room more pleasant to be in. You might not want to spend enough to redo your entire kitchen floor, but even a 10 x 10 square (as shown here) can make a big difference. This project is perfect for struggling college students, starving artists, and any family that just can't quite afford (yet) a new kitchen floor, but the current linoleum is really looking bad - even duct tape is better than a gross floor, don't you agree?

Duct tape comes in a variety of colors and styles. Would you like a camo floor? Perhaps flames or racing stripes or tie dye? All of these options are now available, so you can easily change your floor every few months, as the old tape wears out.

Suggestions for doing the project:

How many rolls do you need? For our 10 x 10 (ish) shown here, it was 6 rolls. You'll probably need more than you expect at first, so be sure to get plenty.

This project can be done alone, but is much easier and faster with two people helping - one at each end of the tape. Lay your tape down straight and press it down firmly, being sure to overlap each piece a bit on top of the previous one. If your old kitchen floor has a design with lines on it (squares, probably) then it's even easier to be sure your new floor is lined up correctly.

If you use a patterned tape, be sure to figure out in advance the area you want to cover, and start from one side and go straight across. By doing it that way, you'll end up with a nice repeating sensible pattern - see our picture, on the left side of the floor. If you start from the middle, and then later realize you want it bigger, and then start doing some more from the sides, you'll get what we have here in our photo - a nice pattern on the side, but then a weird spot in the middle, where we had done some previously.

Oh well - live and learn!

We're going to have racing flames next time - how about you?


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