It’s no secret that one of the most enjoyable experiences of college doesn’t lay in the classrooms. There is something that each and every college student likes to do because it unites them in a way that little else can. It’s called team spirit! Rooting for your college sports team is absolutely one of the most uniting things about college life and very few students miss out in participating.

If you’re a Duke student and you’re going to root for your Blue Devils to the best of your ability then you better get your hands on some car decals. The Duke car decals are probably the single best way for you to cheer them up and show your support wherever you go. They’re one of the few methods of supporting your college team that can be brought with you wherever you drive and with very little effort.

Car decals are small types of adhesive stickers that are to be placed on your car windows and other parts of your car. They come in many different forms and styles and also have cool shapes and such for you to represent the Blue Devils with.

If you’re someone who wants to trick out your car and represent Duke at any place you drive, the Duke auto emblems are probably your best bet. They feature the Blue Devils logo right on the front of its oval shape, complete with the standard black, white and blue Duke colors. You can place this durable insert on your car with standard 3m vehicle tape which can be inserted and removed from your car without leaving any damage or chipped pain

If you’d like to show off your Duke school spirit in other ways other than your car, you’re definitely going to be happy with the other options. Let’s say that you’re someone who’s such a great support of your schooling institution that you want to show everyone your Duke logo at any chance you get. The best way for you to accomplish this is to place small Duke stickers on everything you own, that way whenever you use these items, people will notice the stickers. You can buy large sheets of these stickers for under $7, a perfect deal for any student!

Another great decal Duke item would be the family transfer decal sheet. You can place these on your home windows as well, letting every passerby know that Duke is firmly represented and rooted for in this household. You can also place it on your car window as well.

Whatever the Duke apparel you buy to show off your team spirit, I’m sure it will get the job done. But if you want your car or home dressed up in Blue Devils colors, you’re better off with cheap and effective Duke Blue Devils decals.