Constipation happens to most people who are guilty of not moving much or have a sever lack of exercise. Additionally, the lack of water or dehydration can also contribute to constipation. Exercise and water are very crucial to the digestive system. The water is needed to soften the stool and also to lubricate its passage way. Exercise helps the muscles to expand and contract to avoid these wastes from piling up in a manner that will cause problems in releasing it.

It's really easy to combat constipation, but it is a lot easier preventing it. If you drink plenty of water and if you will exercise regularly, constipation is going to be the least of your worries. Also, to prevent constipation try eating fiber rich foods in your daily diet. Fiber rich foods helps the digestive system break down the foods you eat so that your body can easily digest them. The fiber rich foods also help the digestive system expel waste a lot easier.

The dulcolax laxative has been a favorite alternative to constipation because despite the fact that it relieves the constipation problem over night, a person does not really have to do anything else but wait for the "signal" that the waste is now ready to be expelled. They just have to take the dulcolax laxative orally and relieve themselves.

The dulcolax laxative can give quick relief to constipated individuals. However, it is not safe to be taken daily because it has the potential to damage the colon with continuous usage. If you have used a dulcolax laxative in the past, then you may have noticed cramping reaction in your abdomen. Dulcolax laxatives can also cause bloating. This is because the laxative creates an irritating reaction to your colon wall. This happens because the laxative is forcing the excretion of the waste.

Before using a laxative, you may want to try some natural remedies, such as drinking tea or eating prunes in the morning. This might be better than taking laxatives orally. Sometimes, using the natural means of relieving bowel problems is much better than using medications that may have side effects.

Using the preventive dietary cautions mentioned above may help you avoid using a laxative all together. Hopefully, if you remember to drink lots of water and do a little bit of exercising, then you won't be suffering from constipation.