If you are looking for fantastic dumbbell workouts for men, then you have come to the right place. Working out with dumbbells is going to be so beneficial to you, even if your goal is to lose weight or build muscle.

But before you start training with dumbbells, it would be advisable to start off with a high quality set of adjustable dumbbells such as the bowflex selecttech 552 adjustable dumbbells. This is because not only will they save you lots and lots of space in your home gym, but they will save you valuable time.

Dumbbell Workouts For MenMost good dumbbell workout plans require quick changing of weights, and you can quickly and easily change the weight on these dumbbells at the turn of the dial.

OK, you've got your dumbbells, so what's next. Well it's very important that your arm muscles are fully warmed up and ready for the heavy weights that you are going to throw at them. The bicep and triceps muscle is a relatively small group of muscles. So they are easily damaged and they are also very easy to over train.

You probably know the guy, who does dozens of exercises on his arms each week and see no results. This is because he is simply overtraining. Good Arm dumbbell workouts for men, should be quick and intense. Make sure you use proper form and work the muscle fully on each rep.

Lots of men train their arms by lifting heavy and quickly throwing the dumbbell up and down without full working it. This is because their ego can't cope with lifting the amount of weight that they should be lifting.

If you are to grow you need to forget about denting your ego and lift an amount of weight that you can cope with. You need to lift the weight slowly upwards, hold for a second at the top and slowly lower it back to the starting position.

Most people use dumbbells just to train their arms, but why waste this fantastic piece of gym equipment just on your arms. They can give you a fantastic fully body workout. So let's quickly show you a dumbbell full body workout plan that you can add to your training routine quickly and easily.

Chest – Dumbell incline and flat bench press. These two dumbbell exercises are fantastic at hitting your chest muscles from every angle. The flat bench press does your lower and middle chest muscles, whilst the incline bench press hits your upper chest muscles. It is best to do these exercises on a good quality adjustable bench with a training partner or spotter so that you can lift heavy in a safe and controlled manner.

Back – Dumbbell rows. This exercise really hits the back muscles when trained correctly. Again lift the weight in a slow and controlled manner and you will really feel it working your lats. I like to combine this exercise with chin ups, because no good back workout plan is complete without the traditional pull up included in it.

Shoulders – Seated or standing dumbbells shoulder press. This exercise can be done either seated or standing. Lots of people like to alternate the exercise, so that they are lifting one arm up at a time. Personally I lift both arms up together because I find by doing it I can lift heavier due to the fact that I am spending less time to complete the exercise.

Biceps and Triceps – For the biceps you cannot beat the standing dumbbell curls, again I like to use both arms on this one. So that I can train heavy and complete the sets at a much quicker rate. For the triceps I like to do the standing triceps extension exercise. You do this exercise by standing up straight and holding a dumbbell behind you neck and raising it up and down to work your triceps.

Legs – To complete your dumbbell workouts for men, you simply do the dumbbell squat exercise. Again use proper form, because in this exercise you will be able to lift heavy. So do it correctly and you should keep injury free.