We all want to keep our homes and possessions safe but the systems needed to do this, can get very expensive.   

But there are a few simple ways to protect your property.  First step is to make sure all windows and doors are locked and secure when you are not home or if you are sleeping, the second step is to use dummy security cameras for your home.

Before you hit the back button thinking too much money and work, you should take a closer look at these.  They are so realistic you would have to have one in your han

Dummy Security Cameras for Your homeCredit: Amazon.com

d to know it is not real.  So, by adding a couple of these around your house and then adding 

a sticker to your door that mentions the premises are secure, just might make your house look less interesting to an intruder.

For less than 10 dollars you can add a dummy security camera to the corner of your house or door or a very good spot is just under the eaves on the front porch.

This particular model even comes with a tiny flashing red light.  So, all you need to keep this one operating is a battery.  The casing, wiring and shape all look very realistic.  I think the flashing red light takes it to that extra level of authenticity. 

very realistic with the flashing tiny red light.

This way there is no actual wired install necessary.  It can basically mean that extra level of security and would make any intruder think twice before breaking in.  They don’t want to be caught on camera.  This may also have them thinking there is an alarm system too, which makes their quick grab and dash a little harder so the idea is to put them off. 

Since the cost is affordable you can get a few around the house. 

Another good idea to consider, beside these or nearby is a motion detector light.  So, if any undesirable shows up to the house uninvited he will get lit up suddenly, will try to quickly run and hide and then notice that there is a camera nearby. 

If you can make sure the camera little red light is flashing then this intruder will hopefully forget about your house.

Try not to attract an intruder either.  A neighbour of mine had a bad habit of simply leaving his garage door open all the time.  I mean it would be nice if you could do this, but he would open it up in the morning and go about his chores in the yard and then head into the back yard, and leave it unattended and open for hours at a time, and actually had some tools taken from the garage later that day.

So, try not to invite them unintentionally.  You don’t want to turn your home into Fort Knox but a few steps to put off the intruder will help.  Many look for the easy way in, so lighting; cameras and locked doors are a good barrier.

Don’t tell everyone you know they are fake, word gets around.  If the neighbours see you doing this, tell them you are installing a security system, they don’t need to know any different.