Have you been abiding by the certain golden rules of maintaining a healthy lifestyle until now? If yes, then you may be shocked (and maybe even a little relived) to find out that some of them were myths. So let’s bust each of these myths so that you may reform your health regimen once and for all.

Myth: Milk Consumption Increases Phlegm Production

Two out of three patients in a study of 330 patients believed this myth religiously. During an experiment, participants suffering from cold virus drank large quantities of milk. However, their phlegm production did not increase nor did they experience chest congestion or cough. So kiss goodbye to this big myth right now.

Myth: Double Dipping Has Reduces Bacteria Count

Scientists dipped each a bitten and unbitten cracker into cheese dip, water, chocolate syrup and salsa only to find that three to six dips transferred around 10,000 bacteria directly from mouth to the dip. However, of all the dips, salsa picked the most amounts of germs.

Myth: Sugar Consumption Tends Make Kids Hyper

This myth was ousted by extensive research which proved that sugar consumption did not have an effect over behavior. In a study, parents reported behavioral issues after they were told their kids had sugar. However, in reality, the kids had sugar free drinks. This highlighted the fact that the myth more likely surfaced “in the mind” of the parents.

Myth: Cold Weather Makes You Sick

Studies overthrew this myth by proving that people exposed to the cold are not likely to get sick just as people who aren’t. After all, those who stay indoors are more vulnerable to germs and bacteria which grow at large in closed places and ultimately cause sickness.

Myth: Cracking Knuckles Develops Arthritis

Crack your knuckles to crack this myth right now because studies have proved it otherwise. People who crack knuckles are just as prone to develop arthritis just those who don’t. So go on and make those cranky, popping sounds at no expense.

Myth: Birth Control Pills Won’t Work With Antibiotics

Brush this myth aside immediately. A review of literature written on this topic revealed that common antibiotics did not have an affect over the result of birth control pills. The writer reiterates that it is much more important to take your birth control pill each day at the right time rather than worry about antibiotics.

Now that you know the truths of these myths, make sure that no one around you becomes their victim.