Hammer of Repetance

Introduction to the Classes

For close range combat, you have the Male/Female fighters. They are your standard melee classes that pack a punch. At level 15, you get to choose between Striker, Brawler, Grappler and Nen Master.

Next up is the Male Priest. These guys are your melee/healer type. Their sub-class is Crusader, Exorcist, Monk and Avenger.

You also cannot forget the weapon class in MMORPG, which are the Slayers. These sword wielding fighters with demon-possessed arms slash with ferocity. Their sub-classes are Weapon Master, Soul Bender, Asura and Berserker.

As for the ranged type characters, we have the Male/Female Gunners. These guys are armed with guns and heavy machinery to help them wreak havoc to foes. The four sub-classes that you can choose are Mechanic, Ranger, Spitfire and Launcher.

For the magic classes, we have the Male/Female Mages. They are your typical glass cannon type characters. They have the “I kill you before you kill me” mentality.  Unfortunately, the Male Mages only have 2 sub-classes to choose from, which isthe Elemental Bomber and the Glacial Master. The Female Mages gets 4 sub-classes. They are the Elementalist, Witch, Summoner and Battle Mage.

Last but not least, we also have the stealth character, which is the thief. They also only have 2 sub-classes, which is the Rogue and Necromancer.

The main storyline takes you on a journey to defeat the Bakal, the King of Dragons. You get to choose any of the characters to take on that journey. 

Grappler Giant Twister


Dungeon Fighter Online has an arcade 2D beat them up gameplay. You can invent and use skills to create combos.  

When you get to level 50, you get to learn your awaken for your class. Each class has a unique awakening that you can learn. They are extremely useful. Here are some awakenings for each class:

Female Fighter Awakenings

Nen Master - Nen Flower

The Nen Master releases a deadly flower that explodes and deals major damage.

Striker - Kihop Low Kick

The striker unleashes a highly concentrated kick that breaks legs.

Brawler - Poison Mist

The brawler throws lethal venom powder on the ground widely in mid-air. Once the mist of venom gradually settles, activate the skill again to cause non-elemental chain explosion.  

Grappler - Giant Twister

The grappler starts a whirlwind of death and grabs any enemy close to it to create a deadly twister.

Slayer Awakenings:

Asura - Wave Eye

Upon activation, sky darkens and both attack speed and accuracy of all opponents within effective area are deducted.

Soul Bender - Ghost 7: Furious Blache

The sould bender summons Furious Blache and cause major damge to a big area.

Berserker - Extreme Overkill

The berserker charges his sword, and once full charged, it releases a big hell fury in front of him, dealing major damage.

Blade Master - Sword Storm

The blade master unleashes different swords, using each one to slash the enemy in a circular area. It is similar to Cloud's(from FF7) omni-slash.

These are just some of the cool moves that you can learn for each class. Be sure to try them out!


Awakening Trailer


Dungeon Fighter Online is an awesome game. Start playing and you will not regret it!