The Perfect Halloween Family Costume for 2019

Coffee and donuts-how delicious!

America Runs on Dunkin is the campaign slogan that viewers hear on television, radio and print ads. While the famous yellow and pink logo is recognized everywhere, I can remember a time when Dunkin Donuts was known for it's donuts and not it's coffee. A rare treat years ago, coffee on the go is now a regular stop for many people on the way to work or school. Most people who stop by one of their local stores do not go in to buy Munchkins, muffins or any other sweet treat... they are purchasing coffee and other breakfast items like bagels and sandwiches.

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Coffee and donuts go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly or salt and pepper. A quirky and fun adult couples costume or family costume is to dress up as a cup of coffee and a donut. On a cold October night, carry around a hot cup of coffee from your local Dunkin shop as you take your kids from door-to-door. People will certainly remember you!

Here are some ideas to get you started.  All can be personalized with the DD logo that you make by hand or download and print from the computer.

Donut Costume for Adults


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This looks absolutely delicious! A strawberry glazed donut with rainbow  sprinkles will make the delicious half of the costume.  One size fits most.

Do you want to make a unique couples costume? Pair this with another adult dressed as a police officer! Everyone will get the joke!

This dress up ensemble, which can be for both men and women, is an easy to put on one piece tunic. Just add your own black or beige top and pants and you are done! This is a comfy and fun way to dress up for Halloween.

Donut Water Tube is a Costume

This costume is available in child sizes, too!

BigMouth Inc Gigantic Donut Pool Float, Funny Inflatable Vinyl Summer Pool or Beach Toy, Patch Kit Included
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This inflatable donut can be used as a pool toy in the summer and as a costume in the fall. It comes in chocolate frosting as well.

Make Your Own Costume with a Pool Inner Tube!

Step-by-step directions on how to make and wear this.

Dunkin Donut Inspired Costume for Kids

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This Halloween costume for kids looks good enough to eat! The chocolate donut is a child-friendly jumper that sits on the shoulders. It has frosting and sprinkles on the front and the headband is included. It is perfect for any climate. If you live in warm weather, you can go sleeveless; if you live in a cold climate, pair it with leggings and a turtleneck or long sleeve tee-shirt.

Having your child dress in this costume would go great with parents dressed as a donut and coffee.

Donut Costume for Tweens

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Another idea for a couple's costume is for one person to be a strawberry donut and another to dress as a chocolate one. If you want to have a family costume, then the kids can dress as donuts or munchkins as well.

Guide to Making Your Own Coffee Cup Costume

For the crafty person!

Here is Another Version of the Coffee Cup



This coffee cup costume comes as a one piece tunic.  The foam at the top is very realistic! Pair this with black or blue jeans and a matching shirt and you have one easy to wear costume for Halloween.